Many people live from their wounds.

They feel drained because they are trying to get energy from a void. So they try to take your energy, in order to survive.

Lots of families work with each other in this way.

Groups of wounded people continually wounding each other AND THEY MOSTLY DO NOT EVEN KNOW IT.

It is normal for them to live in this way.

It is even considered love.

You are awakening

You have always felt like something is wrong with this system of relating to each other but you were the odd one out.

When you tried to point things out, they made you feel like the selfish one, the greedy one, the one that only cared for him/herself.

They told you that you should feel guilty for not fitting in with the wounded system.

They tried to blind you with their traditions and nonsensical obligations.

And as it is all you have ever known, you feel wrong, you feel guilty everytime you try to stand up for yourself, every time you try to get out of the craziness.

Maybe, it is church for you. or some other religious organisation that tries to anchor you to a wounded system.

All these rules you are supposed to live by but it only works when you are willing to live wounded.

You are awakening.

You are choosing to heal.

YOu are leaning into the Divine and finding an unlimited source of energy and your loved ones do not understand why you think you can do life without them, why you think you can do life in a different way from them.


You feel disloyal.

You feel guilty.

BUt you are not wrong.

You are simply rising victorious.

You are choosing to leave behind the pain and limiting beliefs of the past.

You are being called to a higher way

You are wayshower and pioneer

And it will feel weird because it is so different from what you have known.

For too long you have been immersed in nonsense

And now it is time for you to choose a more empowering path and stick with it, until you are fully back in your true design.

In the end, everyone benefits as you choose to heal and rise.


Come be immersed in empowering ideas that enable you to rise victorious.

Come and gain strength in becoming who you KNOW you are being called to be.

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Much Amazing Love

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