Making mistakes

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Thankfully, this last week was definitely a more sane one in the life of the Mum in business.  The only annoying sticking point for me currently is that I have a room that is sticking, what do I mean?  I am finding it difficult to let one room.  I find that annoying.  I probably should reduce my expectations and reduce the rent but I let it at a high price when I had no clue what I was doing as this was my first multi-occupied property, so now I am trying to rent it out at the same high price and the market is telling me they don’t want it.  Oh well, I give in.  I will reduce it slightly 🙂 .

My plan to hire

A few weeks ago, I was ready to pack it all in.

making mistakesYou know that week – best day ever and tenants…  When the boilers all broke down, the TV was stolen, I got mixed up in relationship issues etc.  That was a bad week.  Well this week, though I have not had as many dramas, I have also decided to employ someone to help me out with the business, though I am still trying to specify exactly what this person will do. The thing with me is that I started this business to allow me stay home with my babies and also because I hate being so completely dependent on someone else for my money.  I like the idea of setting out in the world on my own and making something of myself.  However, as the business grows, I recognise that I am losing out on time with my kids.  So my choices seem to be

1. Stop growing the business

2. Get someone to look after the kids occasionally (my friends can only take so much before they get tired of helping me!) or send them to school/nursery (Actually, that is no choice I will consider, currently)

3. Get someone to help with the business.

I have chosen 3 in the long term and 2a, for the short term. However, I do not have limitless sums of money to pay someone so I am trying to figure out how to ensure that it works for the cashflow of the business and also works for the person who comes to work with me.  Anyway, still figuring that one out.

In the meantime, I have employed a lady to look after the kids occasionally if I need to pop out to a house for a viewing or something.  The kids do not enjoy coming with me all the time so I am relieved knowing that if I am unable to find a loving friend at short notice, at least there is another option.

Making mistakes more than once…

On to the subject of the day, If you are a facebook friend you will know that just over a week ago, I stupidly forgot to put petrol in my car.  I assumed I was still okay even though the light had been flashing at me for a while but thanks to someone up there looking at me and trying to send me an early warning, the car chose to cease transmission just outside a petrol station.  How silly did I feel but thankful as well.  It could have been worse.

So you would think I learnt my lesson, right?!

Nope, exactly 8 days later, the same thing happened again. Except this time, I am nowhere near a  petrol station and I had left the car running with the lights on so I was without power and without fuel!  And with all three girls.  Not nice.  Again, I was convinced I had not run out of petrol, it must be the battery but alas, I was completely at fault as it was a lack of petrol causing my misery.  making mistakes

Again, I felt Stupid! Surely, this kind of thing is only supposed to happen to the Mum-in-Business once and she is then supposed to learn a great lesson and never allow it to be repeated again.  Not this time!

Actually, I did not want to blog about it as I felt so silly but then decided ‘why not?’.  I do some silly things, just like many other people and you may just find some entertainment in my craziness.

Ultimately, I make mistakes, I dust myself off and go on to make other ones (or in this case, the same one!).  Oh well, we live, we learn, we get better.  Right?

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