You know what?!!!  I KNOW it feels real, very real!

The reasons why you are stuck in place doing nothing much.

It all feels legitimate!

You tell yourself that you cannot do anything while you feel this way…

You tell yourself that you do not know enough…

You tell yourself that no one wants to hear from you…

You tell yourself that you are simply not enough!

You tell yourself that you have no time, no money…

You tell yourself that you are not the right skin colour…

You tell yourself all kinds of nonsense about what you can or cannot do and it becomes your reality, not because it is real but because you choose to believe your own lies.

Everyone who does anything great feels that way!


You are not the only one with great reasons why you cannot take that next action…

Why you cannot move forward…

Why you should just keep lurking and never getting the support you need…

Again, you are not the only one that feels that way.

The only difference between people that win and people that don’t, is what you choose to do despite the craziness that rears its ugliness within you.

So tell me, do you like it here?

Do you like the results you have right now?

Do you really want to stay here, feeling sorry for yourself?

Because when it comes down to it, it is your choice.

You choose what you want out of life, you choose what you fight for, you choose whether to stay motivated or not, you choose whether to live your life with urgency or not…


I get it!

You feel blocked up and I understand all of that.  I have lived with an incredible number of blocks and I can give you all the great reasons why I have lived with them and I have many, MANY reasons and excuses.  I can write books on my reasons why I should just stop now.

There will always be reasons why not…


Everything can be a reason why not, if you let it be but what would it gain you to do that?

What does it gain you to stay stuck in fear and overwhelm?

You get to own the feeling that nothing you do ever seems to work because you are __________ (fill in the blank – What is your pet reason for not taking action and getting the result?)

I know what it is like to throw thing upon thing upon thing out into the marketplace and get no real response!

I know what it is like to want so much and to get so little back from your efforts…

I know what it is like to feel like you are failing and failing and FAILING and still to pick your sorry awesome arse off the ground and try again.

I know what it is like to be confused, overwhelmed, unsure…

I know what it is like to feel deluded and stupid for continuing to go after something that seems to want to run away from you…

To feel the guilt of taking your family with you on a journey that seems to be going nowhere…

To feel the guilt of saying ‘no’ when you used to say ‘yes’ to people who want you to leave what you are doing and come help them…

I KNOW, honey!

So don’t you dare tell me that I am somehow different from you!

Choose the ‘WHY’ that you are willing to die for, literally!

And get to work dying to the old you!

Because honey, this journey will push you to the limits and only those who endure to the end, will get the win.

It is not for everyone but I choose to think you are not everyone!

You are maverick, born for more, born to make waves, conquer, dominate, change things…

Do you not see that you carry a specific message that is unique to you?!

Do you not see yet that people need what you have to offer?

Do you not see that you can transfer your success skills from one place to the other?

Do you not see that you are a winner inside?

And yes, life has been brutal for a while now but you can dig your way out of this?

Yes, it is painful!

OH SO PAINFUL at times!

The shame and the guilt can be overwhelming, if you let it be and yet, honey, you can win!

You are born to win!

But you have to choose it and choose it and choose it and sometimes, the path towards the win just seems so dark and endless and yet, you choose it again and again until it yields its rewards!

The only thing that keeps you from the big win is your action and your mind.

Because right now, you are allowing your mind to take you on a merry-go-round to nowhere and that stops you from doing the work.

Stop indulging your negativity!

Stop giving into the fear, doubt, guilt, shame!

Shine a light on it and see that it means NOTHING!

It is just a thought!

Put on some music…

Do a dance…

Have sex…

Go for a walk…

Read something inspiring!

Journal out all the dark stuff (but only for a short while – That can be a bottomless pit of negativity!)

Journal out all the stuff you are DECIDING TO CREATE.

Then take action.

Simply ask “What is the best thing I can do next to get to my win?

Get it done.


Stop indulging yourself in self-pity…

It gets you nowhere!

You know it and yet, you persist in doing it.

You know what to do next.

Just get it done.

Or don’t!  But you are making a choice and I wonder if you like where it is taking you?

If not, then freaking do what needs to be done now.

Because honey, you can always take action.

I know you think you can’t…


So do it. NOW!

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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