Forget the world

Forget what they have to say about you…

Forget your own fears…

Just simply ask —

“How can I serve my people better?”

“How can the work I do impact them more deeply and help them get what they want?”

Be led by that.

Don’t be foolish and not ask for money — It benefits no one if you are poor! And frankly, you will not be able to carry on and that would also be a disservice.

Still, let your actions be led by service and living out the call on you…

REALLY living it out — Not just talking about your calling and then running away when it seems to demand a little more than you thought.

Forget that

Make your life count!

Do the work you are here to do…

Monetize it

Serve even more people.

Stop listening to the small thinkers who get all caught up in whether you are about the money or not…

Just do what you are here to do…

Enjoy your life — It makes you more creative…

And serve even more people.

And before you go, will your lack of knowledge get in the way of you serving more people?  Do you have the lead magnet, the mailing list, the facebook page, a social media strategy that generates leads and make you money?

Are your products, services, art, music, books being presented daily in some way to your people?

Do you feel clear about what it is you are doing?

Are you consistently doing ANYTHING????

Would it not be wise to get support?  Come do life with me in THE DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE ASSEMBLY to get your business generating leads and customers and making money?  Or you could be in the same place, trying to figure it all out and NO ONE will be getting served and therefore you will not be getting paid.  Are you done with that?

Here is how you can work with me –

Much Amazing Love

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