As you jump on the success trail, the narrow path that is solely yours…

There will be reasons to jump straight off…

Whether it be sick children…

Aged parents demanding attention…

Partners who claim to feel neglected…

Bosses who demand more than your full attention…

Church leaders who want you to support their mission to the exclusion of yours…

Employees who let you down because they do not own the vision like you do…

Outsourcers who make mistakes and still charge you for it…

Friends who make you feel bad for wanting what you want!

Your body feeling tired…

Your emotions going haywire…


And for ‘norms’ that something is exactly the excuse they need to stop trying to win…

They quit, they give up, they stay stuck in overwhelm and they come up with excuse upon excuse upon excuse…

And yes you can do that!


Will you allow this to be your story?!

One of giving up before you truly began?

One of refusing to believe that you could actually create a life doing work that you love?

One of getting to the end and looking back with regret at opportunities missed?

Is that really all you are to be about?


When you could be telling tales of conquering fears, overcoming challenges, fighting through the valley of the shadow of death?

You could be telling tales of domination?!

You could be waking up full of exhilaration and excitement and power…

You could be charging out of bed, fuelled by a passion that runs deep within you!

You could be feeling your highly sexual energy connecting you with your spiritual energy and then in tandem, both these energies lead to you coming up with novel new ideas to present old products, services, music, art, ministry, books!

Honey, you could literally be setting the world alight just by being POWERFULLY you!

So why not you?

I get it!

it feels hard some days!

the uncertainty weighs strongly on your mind!

And when you feel like that, it is hard to do the work you know you must do to get the results you dream of.

So, now, it is time to institute a powerful mindset practice…

One that will change your results forever!

Because you will find yourself literally talking yourself into taking massive action.

I AM Rich

I AM Calling My people out!

I am Leader!

I am creating 334k each and every month easily, effortlessly for the good of me and everyone else affected…

I am living in a 7 bed mansion with view of a beach, on top of a hill to avoid the chance of flooding (Yep, I get that specific!)

I only work with leaders who are ready to do what it takes until it takes!

I have an amazing relationship with my husband and together, we conquer the world!

My daughters and I are very close and they too find their place within the business.

And so on and so on.

Whenever I feel fear, uncertainty, overwhelm or any other more physical distraction…

I repeat these affirmations to myself over and over and over…

I whip out my journal and I write and I write and I write them down…

And when I come up against some internal resistance as I write this stuff down…

I question that!

I ask myself why I am not allowed to experience that?

Why am I not allowed to have it all in that particular area?

And again, I pay attention to what comes up!

Because that subconscious truth could be the breaking of me, if I do not pay attention.

I acknowledge the underlying fear but then I actively talk myself around.

I choose a new belief.

I get very deliberate about what thoughts I allow to remain in my brain!

And when I don’t and that can happen a little too frequently for my liking…

I notice I work slower…

I am unable to keep showing up powerfully…

So I learn more and more to NOT let my thoughts run wherever they may…

I learn to take deliberate control over my thoughts…

Because they are subconsciously designing my future for me.

Honey, you must be in control of yourself!

Of your thoughts!

They do not just happen to you!

They are ideas you have allowed to control you for too long and now you need to deliberately choose more empowering ideas.

And then when faced with the inevitable distractions of life…

You can more easily make a solid decision whether to ignore it or not.

  1. Write out your desires as though they have already happened…

  2. Keep speaking/writing them into existence until it is inevitable that they happen because you believe so strongly!

That is how you built your old beliefs so now build new ones…

New more empowering ones.

It is your choice!

Or you can keep being distracted by the whims of life.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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Much Amazing Love

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