Yes, yes, yes!  You are uncertain!

You don’t quite know which way everything is going to go and you want CERTAINTY!  You want to know for sure that if you go this way then everything will work out and so you sit on the fence, waiting and waiting for something inside of you to say, ‘let’s go!’ and yet, it does not come and time is ticking along.

And I know you want to make the best decision and so you try to gather all the facts before proceeding and again, time keeps passing you by and nothing is changing for you.

Surely, it is enough!

Surely, you know that you will never be so completely certain!

Surely, you realise that you have to step up as leader and just do something, anything and choose to take full responsibility for the outcome whatever it is.

Because honey, there is nothing that you cannot handle.

Nothing at all.

While you sit there on the fence waiting to be absolutely sure about everything, you are not being your most powerful self.

You keep feeding the part of you that feels powerless and before you know it, you are back where you did not want to be.

And you are even ignoring the great ideas and hunches that occur to you because you are worried about what will happen if you get it wrong.

So what if you get it wrong?

That would not be the end of the world and you would know what does not work.  Why not make a commitment to yourself to stay in action?  To daily take steps to get the life and the business that you actually desire and then to roll with the punches, because there will be some. Playing it safe to avoid failure just makes failure more of a certainty.

Just yesterday, I was talking to client about one of the big projects she is involved in.  Her money was tight.  She had begun to get afraid about not being able to complete and it was scary.  Her fear then caused her to blame herself for being silly.  And all the while, she was doing this, she was not making solid decisions about the next step.

We had to unravel this.

Fact 1 – If you have big ideas about what you want to make happen in life and business, there will be times when your money feels horrid.  There will be times when everything seems to be against you and you may start to blame yourself.  This will happen – prepare for it.

FAct 2 – This is when most people drop out of the race.  Are you in this for the long haul?  Again, prepare for fact 1 – What do you have in place to ensure you stay on path?

Fact 3 – There is always a way to get past this but it will be one little decision by one little decision.  People always look for the one huge step to freedom but your success will be discovered little by little.  It can seem boring when you want the big leap.

Fact 4 – Staying on the fence is a decision.  It is usually disempowering and you end up back in a life you do not even want.  You cannot avoid making decisions because you make a decision to not make a decision

Fact 5 – You need a coach.  If you are planning to make big things happen then you need the objectivity of someone outside your situation, with no agenda except your success.  Whoever heard of an olympic champion without a coach?  This does separate the mediocre from the champions.

Fact 6 – You always have a choice.  When you are scared, you lose the ability to see all the options available to you.  You start to feel trapped and you sense that you are possible going to make a bad decision which is why you try to stay on the fence.

Fact 7 – There is no fence.  It is just a figment of your imagination – You are either advancing or retreating.  There is no middle ground.

After looking at this client’s situation, together we were able to spot places where she had felt trapped into taking a certain path but she began to see that there were other options available to her and she left the session with an action plan to get to the next phase of her project.

She had made a few decisions and those decisions made her feel powerful again.

Remember this, your power is found in your next decision.

So make the decision already.

And if you are struggling to remain clear enough to make wise decisions, if you are finding yourself feeling trapped in a situation that is not empowering you and you are ready to step out of it and start making better, more empowering choices and creating a life and/or a busines you like then let’s have a conversation – a fierce conversation – Pop on over to

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