Do You Make These 15 ‘Easy Street’ Mistakes Which Keep You On The Fake, Broke Version, Rather Than The Wealthy, Abundant One?

Do You Make These 15 'Easy Street'

We want life to be easy. Simple. Fun!

And we want it to be that way now. And some of us try to get it a little prematurely…

Who wants to work hard and do the difficult things to create success?

Not many!

On some days, even I want to pack in the towel and give it all up as a bad job.

It would be simpler, It would be easier, it would seem like more fun…

For a while and then one day I would notice that I felt dead inside!

Dead because if you are not living your purpose, if you are not enjoying what you do for work, then you may as well be dead already, frankly!

You work a whole lot of your life and if you spend all that time doing something you hate, then it can be pretty yucky.

I have tried the ‘settle for anything’ path and it was no fun at all. I died to my dreams, I sold all my personal development books, I gave up, I listened to the naysayers, I let my money fears control me and I lived half a life!

So tell me, which of these things are you doing? These are things that supposedly keep you on easy street but also leave you with a bad taste of dissatisfaction in your mouth…

  1. You keep listening to people who have not done what you dream of doing and somehow you think that what they say holds the answers you need.

  2. You keep believing that one day, if you visualize enough, you will wake up and life will suddenly look the way you dreamt it. I used to think that when I got older, I would suddenly become a super housekeeper but hey, I got older and nope, it did not happen. I had to actually do the housekeeping ( I gave up on that one and got someone to help!)

  3. You keep watching the news, listening to the radio and feeding yourself a diet of fear, stress and frustration.

  4. You never spend any time quietly, getting clear on what your vision is, what your goals for the day are and writing them down so you can keep repeating them to yourself and refuse to let yourself get distracted.

  5. You keep feeling guilty about creating wealth because your friends, family do not earn as much so you feel disloyal if you do. You start hiding what you are doing just incase you get too successful.

  6. You keep feeling guilty about creating money because you feel that all the money you make is taken out of the mouths of other people

  7. You keep waiting for all the money in the world to be given to you as capital before you make a start on creating something right now.

  8. You keep pretending you can do it without support and then days, weeks, months go by and you still have not achieved what you set out to do

  9. You keep telling yourself that you do not have the ability to sell or market yourself so of course, business is not for you.

  10. You think that money is more valuable then time so you waste your time doing things that money would speed up because you think you have no money.

  11. You keep waiting for someone to tell you that what you have is worth doing! You keep waiting for permission to be the person you know you are as you do not feel you have paid your dues yet.

  12. You keep thinking that it makes you a bad parent if you admit that you are kinda bored just looking after the kids so you try to put your brave face on and ‘sacrifice’ for the kiddies. (Hint – they grow up feeling like a burden and wish you had just done something that made you happy!)

  13. You stay in a job you hate because it is better the devil you know than the one you don’t

  14. You do not realize that those migraines and continuous illnesses are a result of the fact that you are stuck doing things you hate to do but you feel you must do them as there is no other way… If you are spiritual, you keep praying and praying about them but then refuse to do the very things you could do to fire your life up.

  15. You blame everyone and everything for all your misfortune and you always have some anger going on with you. You tell yourself you have tried but nothing works out for you.

So, which of these 15 mistakes is your reason to staying on premature ‘easy street’? I could give you a whole lot more examples but you get the idea, right?

While you keep agreeing with the above 15 reasons (excuses), life will remain safe but it will be completely unfulfilling, dissatisfying and just plain old boring.

Is that really what you want?

Or would you rather have a life of adventure, a life of wealth, success and fulfillment?

Would you like the real version of easy street?

– The version you get to when you are living on purpose?

– The one that makes you happy and wealthy?

– The one where your customers are dying to work with you because they see more than just your product and service but they also see a person who has faced their demons and created something they long to create too?

– The one where money flows easier to you than it ever has?

– The one where your family is more than well looked after?

– The one where you go to bed happy and wake up with a spring in your step?

I know which version of easy street I choose!

What of you? And who else needs to read this… Do share!

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