The mailing list is the main asset of every business, whether online or offline.  You must figure out a way to get people onto the list.  And you must do it in a way that suits you.

Here are the ways I use…

  1. Social media – This is one of my preferred option as lots of people are on the various platforms – 1.4 billion people are on Facebook alone so I spend a lot of time communicating with people on Facebook.With Facebook, there are numerous ways to get the attention of the people you want.  Ranging from free ways to the paid ways.  All helps!  Use Facebook groups, use your profile, use your business page – make connections.  Want to know more about Facebook then you need to join in the Facebook Advanced training – other social media places that I am regularly putting content on, are Twitter, LinkedIn, tumblr.

    I also put some videos on YouTube and audio recording of my blog posts on Soundcloud.

    What takes your fancy? Build a presence there. Start today even if everything is not yet complete, in terms of the funnel.

  2. Blog Posts – Again, another preferred way for me to get people to look at my free giveaway. This thing I like most about this and also, about social media is that I can prime people to like what I have to say with my content. And if they do not like it, they leave without signing up so hopefully, the people who turn up on my list are particularly into me, having been exposed to my content.If someone has read a blog post of mine, they have an idea of what type of a person I am and they like or do not like.  My weird ways are to wear them down gradually as they read my thoughts over and over again.So, I try not to be generic in my writing – I want my uniqueness to come through and make an impact on the people who I am called to serve with my business.

    At the end of each blog post, I have a call to action inviting people to join my community.

  3. Article writing – I write for other sites as well as my own.  This gets me in front of new audiences of people usually for free.  It took a while to get to the point where I was willing to do this because it felt tough to have my content anywhere except on my own sites.  But now I get people coming from all over the web to my site and to my mailing list as a result of seeing my writing in other places.I personally have not attempted too hard to get PR but it is a valid way to get your message out there as well. Getting seen in magazines, trade publications, local newspapers helps raise people’s awareness of you and what you have on offer.The one time I did use PR, I got someone on Fiverr to write my press release and someone else on Fiverr to submit it to various places as well.
  4. Webinars/Tele seminars/Meetups (Events) –

    This is another way I use to build my audience. I try to do a weekly call – some free, some paid for and this again, helps my people to see what I am about and to choose to work with me further in some way. Get into the habit of offering a call for free to build your community.  Over the next 30-90 days, you could literally do a minimum of one every other week and invite people into your world or even make sales right off the back of the call.Make a list of 20 topics you feel your audience may be interested in and start doing webinars, teleseminars or use to schedule a free offline event.The training from the event can then become a product to sell to people who were not able to attend live or something that is added as a bonus to your products to make them even more attractive.

    And please understand that this works whatever industry you are in. WHATEVER industry. Jus because others do not do it does not mean it does not work. It just means that you will stand out if you choose to get it done.

    What can you use to get the calls done? I have used and WebinarJam. You can also use GoToWebinar or even Periscope or Blab to do the live calls.

  5. Paid advertising – I leave this until last because lots of people spend a lot of money trying to get their adverts working. And yes, they can work ABSOLUTELY.  However, you will find that they work better if you have been consistent with the above 4 items first. You possibly do not have enough money to throw at your platform of choice to build the relationships you need to build to get people to trust you enough to give you their details. So be regular with doing all I mentioned already.Here are platforms I have used to attract people onto my mailing list.Facebook Advert Manager
    Google Adwords
    Bing Advertising

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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