If you would just read this and simply do it, you would win but you probably will not because it took me years to get to the point of actually just believing this and getting on with it.

There is simply something inside the driven, determined maverick, that wants to complicate life, business, success…

It is as though we do not want it to be simple…

We want the complicated answer, not the simple answer…

The simple answer seems too obvious, too… SIMPLE and honey, we are those who have consuered such a lot in life that we just do not see simple…

Simple seems unworthy of our time…

Simple makes us feel unworthy…

After scaling emotional and life event mountains and seeming Mount Kilimanjaro & Everest in our lifetime, anything less complicated and hard than that just seems way too easy…

I know you think you want easy but you don’t really…

You doubt easy…

You look for the hard…

You make your life hard…

You speak to yourself in a hard way…

If we put your inner voice on loudspeaker, I think you would be horrified to hear the kind of nonsense you say to yourself on a daily basis, a minute by minute basis!

And so, yes, honey, you make things hard…

Much harder than they are supposed to be because at some point in yoru existence, struggle became your identity!  At some point in the process of growing up, you got all convinced that you had to struggle and so now, you don’t hear the simple, simple things that will cause the magic to happen sooner rather than later.

You keep reading and planning and organising and overthinking…

Ain’t nothing wrong with any of that, except you are doing it so long that you are not putting yourself out into the world…

You are searching for that magical solution that will absolutely, DEFINITELY work in 3 seconds flat but you cannot find that out by doing what you are doing…

You complicate things when you do all of that…

The simple, magical way to find out what will work to make you all the money you want is simply to try out different things in the marketplace…

That is all.

That is the magic of success, freedom, wealth.

Try it out in front of actual people who could buy from you.

Again and again and AGAIN!

That, literally, is all!

Yes, you will fail.  A. LOT!

No, you do not know WHEN it will work.

No, you do not WHAT will work.

What you do know is this – Every single successful, free, rich person you have ever heard of, failed a lot while trying an incredible number of times to win…

And then one day, they won.

And they were still on the path and so realised it.

Others died by the time they won and did not realise it.

Honestly, you don’t know which category you are going to fit into.

But you DO KNOW THIS – You will not fit into any category of rich person, if you do not simply keep creating stuff to put out in the marketplace until you win.

I know that that is not consoling…

But what are your choices really?

To keep living a half-life until you die?

Really, do you want to do that?

OK, well, I am not even sure why you are reading this – YOU ARE NOT MY PERSON – go away and go back to your norm life…

If you are a maverick like me though, you know that there is no other way to live…

And you also know that the sooner you get your head in the right place and simply keep putting stuff out in the marketplace over and over and over again, the faster you will win.

Success really is simple.

What goes on in your mind is NOT so simple.

In your mind, you make a particular offer/product failing mean some horrible thing about you…

In your mind, you make your business not making 6 figures in 3 days mean that you are not cut out for business…

In your mind, you worry about feeding your family and you make that mean you are irresponsible for pursuing your dreams.

In your mind, you think that having a job to subsidize your dream and stave off desperation makes you somehow less than an awesome entrepreneur and so you think you do not deserve to win and so you don’t put anything out into the marketplace and your side job becomes your main job and you settle for living a norm life because you tell yourself you are not good enough to make it work.

In your mind, all kinds of crazy thoughts exist that keep you away from simply doing the work of communication, capture, close.

In your mind, you think you have no time to pursue your heart’s desires – After all, you are an adult now with responsibilities and how dare you think that you can have it all?

In your mind, you think that everyone else’s agenda is more important than your own and that it would be evil for you to pursue your own dreams.  You ignore the resentment you feel at the people in your life and continue to act like a doormat and then feel sorry for yourself that you have not accomplished the dreams in your heart.

In your mind, you tell yourself that you have to wait for Spirit/Universe/Higher power to confirm to you again and again that you are allowed to pursue your dreams.  Otherwise you make it feel wrong to give your vision all your attention.

In your mind, you put your big dreams of a luxurious life, of having all the perks of being rich while at the same time changing lives in your wake…  You make it all seem so out of reach for little old you – You put it on a pedestal and tell yourself that only certain kinds of amazing people get all of that and you somehow make it look like people like you, do not get to live in that amazing way and so you stop working towards getting it.

In your mind, you have to wait for permission…

In your mind, there are rules you have to follow in order to deserve the win…

In your mind, you have to be reasonable and practical by the standards of those around you who have given up on their own dreams.

It is those thoughts that steal your win.

When it could just be simple.

Create something or use your skill.

Tell the marketplace how it can help them…

Tell them and tell them and tell them…

Refine your offering and the way you communicate it, until people buy.

Pick yourself up and try again, no matter how many times it does not work in the way you envisage it.

That is it!

Everything else is extra and non-magical.

This is the magic.

Make an offer to many people. bill them. Try again until you win.

I suppose the real magic is resilience and relentlessness.

I love those words.

Learn to love them too.



Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live

Because you want to

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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