Life is supposed to feel magical.

Life is supposed to feel easy.

But for the most part, you have forgotten…

And you also think that magic and ease can only exist when everything in the physical reality is perfect.


And you even look with suspicion on any attempt anyone makes to make things easier or simpler for you.

And if it is not this current crisis, there would be another one.  In the UK, most people were just lamenting BREXIT and all the ‘horrors’ of that.  I am sure some wish for the ‘peacefulness’ of that situation now ?!

It is like you are addicted to struggle. It makes you feel alive…kinda!

YOu would feel scared if everything was too easy, even though you are probably protesting my words right now.  Can you be truly honest with yourself?  And please understand that I have seen the crazy in myself which is why I can spot it in you.  So there is no judgement from me.  I am simply sharing ideas to support your empowerment and growth, to get you on path to peace and plenty.

At some point, most of us bought into the nonsense that you have to struggle for everything.

And you still unconsciously think that it is noble to struggle for everything you get, even though you can clearly see that those who have the most in any area of life, are not necessarily the most hardworking!

How many times have you felt that life is unfair? The rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer and the middle class getting messed around with.

Be honest.

And yet, are you willing to consider that something about the way you are approaching life is just plain old wrong!

And that if you change nothing, then nothing will change.

You are the magic.

You are the miracle

You are the one that has all the choices about how your life plays out.

And the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY will help you do life differently but only if you allow it too.

If you choose to stay stuck in thinking the way you always have then I guess you will continue to get what you always got.

And if that is enough for you, then great.

However, if you know you are born for more and you are done with struggling harder and harder to stand still or even to get less as things seem to happen to you outside of your control, then surely you must see that you gotta consider a different way.



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