I have been watching ULTIMATE BEASTMASTER on netflix.

There is something about the strength and utter determination of these ‘regular people turned athletes’ that really inspires me.

The power of the human spirit when focused on a particular aim – WOW!

And then I got to considering people that climb mountains…

I had a friend who climbed Mount Kilimanjaro – WOW!

Again, the power of the human spirit.

I love it.

However, what I don’t love so much is when people live every day life as though it is a massive obstacle course or a great huge mountain…

OK, let me be real honest here – I have lived this way…

And as I lay in bed at 4am this morning, conversing with Papa, I was reminded that it need not be some crazy battle to stay alive.

It can be easier than that.

We can choose to climb the mountain, battle through every obstacle…

Maybe there will be some glory in that…

But for most, the journey is never-ending and the wins are never as good as they hoped they would be…

There is another way though…

The way of intuitive guidance…

The way through the mountain…

Like finding a secret door through the mountain that allows you to bypass all the crazy ups and downs and just walk easily from one side of the mountain to the other and then do it again for the next one and the next one.

The journey through life can be easy.

And I can hear the voice in my head and YOUR head…

‘It cannot be that easy.  We have to struggle for everything’

But what if we choose to allow in ease?

What if we choose to decide our goal and then, instead of doing every single thing everyone, everywhere tells us MUST BE DONE, we go deeper within, clean and clear all notion of hardship and allow new answers to come forth?

What if it all can simply work like magic?

Not magic where you sit around doing nothing and refusing to respond to the intuitive nudges…

But magic where you know YOU ARE THE MAGIC and you simply need to trust what you know deep inside you to do.

The truth for me is that the easier I allow life to get, the easier life gets.

The harder I choose to play it, the harder it gets to play.

Life responds to me

Life gives me what I demonstrate I want

The cleaner and clearer I am on the inside, the easier I hear the intuitive nudge and the more I act on that (instead of thinking it has to be more complicated than that), the easier life becomes.

Simple exercise for you.

1.Define Your Goal, visualise it as complete

2. Say these words “I love you, I am sorry, Please forgive me. Thank You” repeatedly – You do not need to understand them – Just know that you are cleaning and clearing your internal bits.

3. Listen for ideas that bubble up within you

4. Trust

5. Act

that is it.

No struggle

No strain

Just fun, free, fulfilled, abundant life

I know you don’t think it can be that easy

But it can

So ALLOW it to be

Don’t you see that you are choosing the more complicated, difficult version of life while at the same time, blaming life for being hard?!

We, humans, are pretty crazy

Let it be easy.


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You are worthy of…

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? Impact and financial independence

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