Lying awake in your bed worrying gets you this…

Lying Awake

Let me tell you something like it is!


I am just going to lay it out there for you to see.


I was just like you, not so long ago. Lying awake first thing in the morning, or last thing at night, worrying whether all your goals and visions will come to pass.


Worrying whether you have enough money to keep pushing forward.


Worrying whether it would be better to go get yourself a job and give up on your big ideas.


Worrying about whether your relationships will survive the pressure of you trying to create wealth and freedom.


Worrying about the fact that you felt overwhelmed and under pressure all the time and yet, had nothing to show for it.


Worrying about everything and anything.


I worried my socks off all the time and it did nothing but give me a weird case of irritable bowel syndrome (I KNOW! Gross! )


This happened when I started in property – I had paid out a whole lot of money to be trained. We did NOT have that money.


I felt, all the time, like I was putting my family’s life at risk (even though at that point, we had been sooooo close to the edge for so long – Could it really have got worse?)


I had gone bankrupt already for making silly choices.


This led me to feel even more like a failure and I had that to contend with – It is a feeling that can show up even now when I have my darker moments.


I did a whole lot of crying as I wondered if this whole thing would work out.


Had I just spent my family’s money on a wishy-washy idea of creating a life that my family and I could enjoy?


Could I actually create this life where I was a weird blend of stay at home mum and work at home mum who created a substantial enough income to leave my work as a pharmacist?


Somehow, I knew I could do it, I HAD TO DO IT! but there were days when the doubt felt more real and more certain than the vision.


And then I decided to add another business to my already full calendar because (and you will find this too) …


When you have reached the first part of your goal and you are not just struggling to survive, life begins to open up again.


And the real person that you are, wants to come through. The original business idea may not be ALL that you want to do with your life. You may find yourself expanding into bigger things.


I found that happening to me.


Ever since I could remember, I have helped people do more than they thought they could. Even when I was a young one at school in Nigeria, I supported my fellow students in living bigger.


And then I realized that I could do this for real; I could support people in living a big amazing life and knew (thanks to the mighty Benjamin Leppier & The League of Warriors) that there was much more within me than was showing up.


And again, it can be like passing through fire as you choose to step more fully into the person that you are.


I have been known to lie around worrying. Worrying that again, as I invest ( A WHOLE LOT) in my own growth, I am putting my family at risk. I wonder if I am crazy. My husband wonders if I am crazy! Why can I not just settle down?


And you may wonder that too. Why do you want what you want?


Why can you not be comfortable like all those around you?


And yet, I know, I ABSOLUTELY KNOW that I cannot live less than the person that I am.


And finally, just a few weeks ago, I hit a breakthrough thought and yes, I had known it all along but I had not properly lived it.


‘Lying awake worrying does not get me anything but a bad case of irritable bowel syndrome! Whereas ACTION, despite the fearful voices in my head, gets me everything I want’


Maybe, it is time for you to get that revelation as well. For me, it was a switch in my brain and I fully stepped into being a warrior and you must do it too!


You can no longer keep lying awake worrying, you must completely step into your full warrior self and fight for the life you want! And sometimes, the battle will seem intense and horrendous but you must realize that all the worry in the world gets you absolutely nothing except…


A bad case of IBS!


Action, despite your fears & the fears of your partner and friends, is the only way to pass through to the other side where wealth and abundance and freedom live.


Not everyone can pass through that internal tension and keep moving forward. Unfortunately most people will succumb to the pressure but if you are a warrior, you cannot give up. You cannot afford to!


Your best life & business awaits you!


Will you do what it takes to claim it?


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Get It Done, Lying AWake

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It is time to fight for the life and business you want. Let’s go!

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