Here’s The One Thing Between You And The Luxury Lifestyle You Want Out Of Your Life And Business.

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The one thing between you and your luxury lifestyleSo you have huge ideas, right?

You may even dream of fame, fortune and a luxury lifestyle…

You know you are good at what you do…

You know you can do what any of these other people are doing…

You have been successful most of your life with a few blips here and there but overall it has been an uphill journey and yet…

You want a life where you get to do what you want to do, when, and only when, you want to do it.

And you are not quite there yet.

And man, it is pretty darned frustrating, isn’t it? I was soooo this person for ever so long. Wanting and waiting and wishing and hoping and dreaming and kinda planning with lots of ideas of all the impact I was going to have and all the difference I was going to make and all the money I was going to generate as well because the truth is, I have done the ‘third world country’ thing and I am never going back to that!

I could tell you stories that will make your head spin about what it is like to have to carry a bucket of water on your head for miles in order to flush the toilet, have a cold water bath outside every morning, be a slave to people two grade levels above you who did not want to fetch their own water, using a box as your toilet and then flinging it into the bushes way out in the distance only to then later have to cut that same grass with a cutlass and KNOW that at some point you were going to come in contact with your ‘toilet remains’ or worse, someone else’s! and so on and so on. (I know, I know, such lovely thoughts I have placed in your head!)

So, you know what, honey, I am done with pretending I don’t want to live a luxury lifestyle and pretending that I am only about the serving and the giving.

I DO want luxury AND I am all about the giving and serving! I want both!

And I am creating it…

But you… where are you at?

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There used to be a part of me (OK, no, I tell a lie – there is still a part of me) that sometimes gives into the lie that I will never ever get THERE because I have worked hard, I have spent A LOT of money on marketing and training and all that stuff and occasionally it feels like I am not making as much progress as I would like.

(Yes, I am also pretty darned grateful for the progress I have made but you know how it is… I am not at $334k a month yet so therefore I am not THERE yet and I want to be THERE right NOW!)

And so when you start to think these thoughts of not being THERE, you look at other people doing what they do and their business just seems to be all about ease and wonder, fun and love and you wish, you just wish you could find that magic formula that will make it all work out for you.

In the meantime, you keep your head down.

You keep doing what you have always done – After all, there are bills to be paid and whether you like it or not, to date, this way of doing things has kept your head above water and that is important, isn’t it?


But still you want options…

More options than you have at the moment. You appear successful to people looking into your life but it is all a little bit precarious.

There is not that much room for wiggle – No freedom in it.

You feel trapped doing things because you just have to in order to keep life ticking along. But you want the freedom, the luxurious lifestyle you see others living and you want yours now – It is not a jealous thing, it is just a ‘I see it is possible, so why not me?’ thing…

So what is the problem?

And it is such a simple, obvious thing that is in the way of you and the business you dream of.

That business where you enjoy each and every day doing YOUR work and it produces more than enough cash to meet your needs and leave some running over for all the other things you want to do.

And yet, it is eluding you…

OR is it eluding you…

Because it is so obvious, so VERY obvious when you actually look at it but you don’t want to look at it. You instead keep looking for other less obvious magic buttons in order to make things happen.

Let me wake you up a little and pour a huge vat of cold water over your head…

There is no magic button.

There is no easy button…

Nothing has come easier to ‘them’ than you…

They just did this one simple thing that you have avoided for far too long and so they have built up street cred and sales as a result and guess what that thing is…


The reason you know about these super successful people is because while you were busy looking for magic buttons and trying to deal with all life’s dramas so that you could then properly build a successful business (and please remember I did this too… STILL do it at times, even though I know!), they were busy creating and putting stuff out in the world.

While you were trying to find the direct path to success whilst not doing the things you know to do, they took the long windy road of ups, downs, backwards, forwards, ‘just throw everything out there and see what sticks’ path.

They continually showed up.

They got judged by their peers and prospects…

They face fears daily and yet, they keep putting stuff out there, perfect or not.

As a result, they have a huge body of work and experience that no one can take away and it all looks easy now.

As a result, they served a lot of people and so it follows that they now have a lot of wealth.

So, just in case, you missed what I am saying here…

The difference between you and anyone out there killing it is THE WORK.

What work are you doing everyday?

I know you work hard but is it productive work or just busy work that keeps you spinning your wheels?

Are you daily increasing your circle of influence?

Are you daily telling people how your product/service can help them?

Are you daily asking them to work with you, to buy from you?

Are you daily giving them a reason to choose you over any ‘competitors’?

Or are you hiding behind paperwork, doing the cleaning when you should be getting your word out, doing the stuff that anyone can do when there is stuff that only you can do that you are avoiding because it feels too hard to show up?

The marketing, the sales – Are you doing that stuff EVERY DAY?


Then you are not doing the real work yet.

And therefore you don’t get the reward.


And now you see it is that simple, surely you see that you can turn it around NOW. You can start now to stop dithering and start creating.

He/She who creates the most, WINS.

It is that simple.

It really is.

So, please do the REAL work.

I call it Smart Hard Work, not just hard work because most people do work hard but on the wrong stuff. We gotta get smart and do the REAL work consistently.

Are you ready?

It is time to fight for, to create the life, the business you want and stop living the one you don’t.

Kind Regards


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