You just are.  The Divine has only unconditional love for you.  There is nothing you need to prove in order to be loved.  This love does not need to be earnt.  Open up to this love.  Open up to this affection.  Allow it to come to you.  Allow it to flow through you.  Allow yourself to be sure of it and to build a life upon the fact that you are always cared for and supported.  Stop trying to figure it out.  Just accept it.  Stop trying to know all there is to know.  JUST ACCEPT IT.  You cannot think your way into love, you can only allow yourself to feel it, to notice it, to open up to it.

Yes, i am sure you have all manner of reasons to believe otherwise and you can keep fighting for those reasons if you so wish and you will conjure up even more reasons to doubt that you are loved.  Unconditional love allows you free will and will not impose itself upon you though it goes nowhere while you hold yourself apart from it.  The feeling of being loved is a breath away – when you let go of your reasons why it is not so, you will feel it immediately.


Right now, you are enough.  Right now, you are enough to do, to have, to be whatever you desire to do, have, be.  Right now.  Again, nothing to prove, nothing to earn.  YOU ARE ENOUGH.  Many may have made you feel like you have to keep jumping through hoops before finally you are enough.  Even the most mellow of spiritual teaching can sneak in this whole spiritual perfection nonsense that keeps you from ever feeling enough as you are.  And you can perform all the spiritual rituals available forever, seeking out some crazy form of perfection that you can never seem to achieve or you can just DECIDE that you are enough right now because you are enough.  You just are.


You just are. You are one with the Divine and you are worthy of every good thing that you decide to create.  Your motivation does not matter. Your reasons why, do not matter.  You are worthy because you are.  Nothing is withheld from you.  No one is out there judging you as worthy or unworthy of the desires of your heart.  The only barrier to all that you desire is your judgment of yourself.  Will you allow yourself to be worthy simply because you are alive? What trials do you have to overcome first?  How do you need to prove yourself first?  And to who?

Could you let all that hoop-jumping craziness go? Could you just affirm to your deepest heart that you are worthy right now of the very best of everything?  It does not matter what you have done. YOU ARE WORTHY.  You just are.


If you would simply believe and live from this 3 simple truths, life would open up magnificently for you.

How crazy it is that we hold our own awesome selves from all of our good!

Believe in the inherent worthiness, loveliness, enoughness of YOU.

You deserve to be loved

You deserve to be happy

You deserve to enjoy life


Yes, I understand that it does not feel like a simple flick of a switch though it could be. Yes, I understand that you have been immersed in a life experience that seems to suggest the very opposite of all I have said here. And for that reason, I invite you onto the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE PATH OF PEACE & PLENTY.

Come regain your confidence to prosper

Come leave behind the pain and limiting stories of the past

Come rise victorious in your TRUE DESIGN life – the free, fulfilled, financially abundant, love-drenched life.


Much Amazing Love


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