My voice got wounded…

My unique sound had been denigrated and despised by those I chose to surround myself with over the years and it got wounded…

Except I had lived with the wounding for so long that I began to think it was normal to always check for reactions before going all the way in at saying, writing, thinking whatever my voice wanted to unleash…

I kept looking for the way in which my own unique sound was wrong

No, I don’t really mean the cadence or pitch of my voice

I mean, the heart of what I have to say

I mean the message I feel called to deliver through my own unique way of putting words together

I was told I was too much and I started to filter the way I said things

Instead of being certain in the sound of my voice and my message, I thought it was caring to tone it all down

I began to make myself wrong

And my voice got stilted



And Papa brought it to my attention

And I saw how I had allowed myself to be silenced as I tried to be like this person and that person instead of simply owning ME

How much energy had I spent trying to sound just the way I thought people wanted me to sound

Maybe less strident; no one wants to be told what to do

Maybe less strong; they will think you are too full of yourself

Maybe more vulnerable; let them see you have hurts too, maybe then they will love you

Maybe less vulnerable; no one needs to know all your weaknesses, maybe then they will admire you

Maybe more this

Maybe less that

Back forth Back forth Back forth it went

Some days, worse than others

And all the time, wasting energy on the wrong thing

I healed and I choose daily to heal and OWN MY VOICE


It is not the voice for every one of the 7 billion people on the planet

Who cares?

I am not called to everyone of them

I am called to my people

The 334000

Maybe more at some point but for now, that is what I know

And I dare to strongly put my voice out there with no filter, no apology

This is my voice

And I love it

You, you, YOU…

You have a voice

It may be a voice that feels called to many

It may be a voice that feels called to a few

Are you sharing your voice with boldness?

Or are you filtering it?

Second-guessing it?

Telling it that it is unworthy?

Are you hiding in your relationships?

Not saying the real things you want to say?

Are you using your energy to figure out ahead of time what people want from you and then trying to contort yourself to fit in with it?

It may even be cloaked as loving people and caring for them

But who the heck is loving and caring for you?

If you do not love yourself, do you really have anything to offer anyone else

Come back to the foundation, my love



And allow the real you to shine forth

You are not too much

you are just right for the right people

And maybe, just maybe, you are surrounded by the wrong people

Stop reducing yourself to fit them

Just change them.

By being ALL THAT YOU ARE so that your real people can see you


Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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