Religion complicates everything…

It may try to clarify the path to the Divine but I am not sure how effective it is.

For me, religion made what was an invitation, into an ultimatum

If you do not come to Jesus, you will go to hell

Choose love now

Or perish for all eternity

And fear compelled me to choose love

But always there was something that felt wrong about this ‘love’

But again, fear kept me on the path

Who wants to go to hell for all eternity?

Certainly not me and I completely believed this stuff


And so, I kinda held Papa at arm’s length because he both loved me and in one mistake, he could also send lightning to destroy me and send my soul to hell for all eternity

Thankfully, real love broke through

As some people chose to put love first and taught me about unconditional love

And books like THE SHACK confirmed my deepest suspicions that I was COMPLETELY and UTTERLY loved

I had to walk away from religion for a season

But the pull is strong

I came back a few times, trying to see if I could align my new found freedom with what they wanted me to believe and do

In the end, I could not

All I have ever really wanted is closeness to Papa

The rules got in the way

The rules made it seem conditional

And that is not the Divine I know

So I no longer try to make religion work for me

It does not.

The end.

Why is this important to the Spirit-driven soul determined to empower others and add a new income stream to the mix?

Most people try to separate religion/spirituality from their work

Well, I don’t think it is separate

Everything is spiritual because at the heart of us, we are spiritual beings

Yes, we are having a human experience but the human part of us is actually quite a small part of the whole

Though it may seem like all of everything because we have been conditioned to judge everything based on our external reality

But surely, you know that you cannot separate your spirituality from your humanity

Well, I suppose you can try but it feels empty and limited

I have stopped trying to pretend that my life fits into boxes

There is one thing – MY WHOLE LIFE

and when any area is affected, everything is affected

I choose to live an unlimited life

I choose to be free, fulfilled and financially abundant

I choose to live a love-drenched existence

I cannot separate my spirituality from my humanity

And I don’t think you can either

Though fear causes you to try

And that limits you

And so, yes, I talk about this stuff because if you have flawed ideas about the Divine then you will not allow yourself to prosper

You will keep begging and pleading with the heavens like religion teaches you to do

You will keep thinking you are a flawed worm of the earth like religion teaches you to think

And you will feel completely unworthy of your own highest good and so, you will hold yourself separate from your good

And that honey, is just wrong

You gotta dare to clear these ideas within you

You gotta dare to look at what you are believing

And to walk away, if you realise that some beliefs are getting in your way

This is your ONE life

Do not go through it in fear

Do not go through it thinking there is some next life where you will hopefully then be happy


Open your eyes, love

And get clear about what you truly choose to believe

This is YOUR life

Deliberately design it

Love is an invitation to expansion

It is not a fear-based ultimatum

I am so excited to share the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY with you.

Come immerse yourself in business, spiritual and personal growth programs.

Allow them to support you in leaving behind the pain and limiting beliefs of the past and in rising victorious in your true design.

I believe we are allowed to prosper wildly.

I also know it is always our choice whether we do or not.

This ABUNDANCE LIBRARY will support you in stepping up to allow in more of the things you desire.

Much Amazing Love

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