Love Languages

We all need to feel loved and that is just a fact of life. We want to be loved by someone who supports us whatever happens, we want someone to be there for us all the time. It is part of the human make up to crave this attention and since we were born, it has been the primary driving motivation of most of us.

In business, the same applies.  Customers want to feel cared for, your employees, your colleagues want the same as well.  We all want to feel that we matter to someone.

Learning how to communicate care to all the people in our life is pretty essential if our goal is to become wealthy.  Overall wealth includes amazing relationships.

What is the point of being crazy rich if you are completely unhappy with all the other areas?

As a warrior, we want all aspects of life to be doing well because then happiness and fulfilment are part of the creating wealth stuff. We all need to feel loved so doing whatever it takes to create relationships that empower us is incredibly useful.

Yes, a lot of us have been hurt by the very ones meant to love us and so we try to shut down and not show up completely for relationships. Some choose to stay alone because they cannot bear the idea of being hurt again.

The thing is, that whole ‘shutting down’ thing starts to show up in your business, career, everywhere. You start to doubt yourself and what you are capable of and though, you might think it all irrelevant,  it really all adds up.

Which is why I am having this call with you.

Today’s FREE call is all about love!

They say love makes the world go round and for most of us, we know that the wealthy warrior life is more easily lived if you have a supportive partner/person by your side. How can you ensure the relationships in your life remain healthy?

How can you ensure that on the home front, life is good so that when you go out to create other kinds of wealth, your issues at home are not getting in the way.

Let’s explore the 5 Love Languages together – you may have read the book by Gary Chapman or you may be hearing it for the first time. Come along with paper and pen and start to create relationships that rock!

Register here Tonight 815pm or register to get the replay.

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