There are circumstances in your life where you may be playing the fool or the victim…

You may be telling yourself that there is nothing you can do…

That God needs to save you or that only a miracle can solve the problem…

And that it is all out of control and you are just a victim in it.

The problem is, of course, that you do not know that you are doing it.

For instance, the person in debt who cannot pay even the minimum payments who then persists in feeling victimized by the creditors instead of having an upfront conversation about the situation and how much they are able to pay.

And so, by running around like a headless chicken feeling under pressure and victimized, you continually propagate the feeling that you are under pressure and victimized.

And then you start to feel guilty and ashamed and then maybe, even angry because you feel so powerless to change anything.

But is that true?

Or just a truth you have bought into?

Lots of entrepreneurs find themselves in this situation – they are full of enthusiasm and motivation to build their business at the start, use all kinds of credit to do so which is fine until things do not work as fast as they would like and their whole mind is then taken over by fear and guilt and shame and there is no energy left for creativity…

All energy is swallowed up by burying heads in the sand and shouting out affirmations and pleading with the heavens for a miracle.

Causing the business to take even longer to build up, resulting in even more stress…

Instead of simply taking responsibility for the situation…

Recognising there is nothing wrong with being in debt – It is just temporary and frankly, it is just money.

There is however something wrong with allowing money and fear and debt to make you a victim because victims do not win.

It is that simple.


Or even being in a relationship where you bury your head in the sand when you know things are not going well but because you are scared of losing the relationship, you pretend not to see what you see.

And so you become a victim, living in fear of the relationship ending, having choice taken away from you to decide what to do next and you feel powerless…

And creativity dies as all energy is eaten up as you maintain the non-truth.

Again, have the conversation or do whatever you need to do to take responsibility for your part in this and decide on next steps – DEAL WITH IT!

Any area of life where you feel powerless, needs to be handled.  It is NEVER true that there is nothing you can do – NEVER TRUE.  Even if you were literally in a concentration camp somewhere, you still would have control over your mind and where you allow it to go!

If you do not like any area of life, stop telling yourself the lie that you have to put up with it or feel victimized by it – YOU NEVER HAVE TO do anything and definitely not in the long-term.  People may choose to put pressure on you but you do not have to accept it.

You are choosing to make yourself a victim – DO YOU LIKE THE CHOICE YOU ARE MAKING?

Honey, you are a lot more powerful than you think.


And understanding that, does come with responsibility.  There is nowhere to hide when you realise that how you feel and how you act about any area of your life is your responsibility.  It has nothing to do with the government, the weather, the colour of your skin, the bank, your background, your past mistakes, any illness or whatever your reason of choice is, for remaining stuck in a situation you do not like…

It simply comes down to whether you want to continue to feel this way about the situation or not.

Will you be a victim or will you be powerful?

Yes, there are some terrible circumstances but you still get to choose your reaction – Will it take you down in despair or will you rise like a phoenix out of the ashes?  Will you take responsibility for whatever you can or will you keep the ‘victim of circumstances’ story?

It is not easy but it is your choice.

And you have a better chance of a more positive outcome, if you are acting as  the powerful person you are.

Use your power to deliberately design a life you desire.

Because you want to

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