You have been mired in drama and nonsense for so long now, you forget who you are.

Most of that drama and nonsense is going on INSIDE YOUR HEAD.

Though you convince yourself that it is actually real.

And because you need to keep convincing yourself that it is real, you create the drama and nonsense in your relationships, your work or lack of it, your business, your health, your world.

And so now you have the physical proof that everything is against you.

But it is not.

It is all of your own creation.

You have created an internal prison.

And then, you made it physical.

And you have trapped yourself in this ‘life’ and now tell yourself that there is no way out.

IN that prison, you just go round and round in circles, telling yourself one story of woe and then the other but never doing ANYTHING to truly break free.

And you keep working VERY hard to stand VERY STILL! so you think you are doing all you can but you are not.

You beg and plead to be rescued by some ‘god’ or some other person who has all the answers for you.

And then promptly talk yourself out of every solution that is offered.

Because it is some scam.

Or you tried it before and it does not work.

OR some other story that keeps you doing the same old, same old stuff that gets you nowhere.

And the thing is…


BUt you do not believe in yourself anymore.

You do not trust yourself anymore.

And self-love has been forgotten in your crazy attempts to make the people in your sad relationships love you.

Oh honey!


Your freedom lies within your ability to look up above this prison you have created and realise that the prison doors are under your command.

But you refuse to see that.

Because to see that, would mean you have to do uncomfortable things like consistently heal and consistently take ALIGNED ACTION, not random action that just keeps repeating what you have always done.

It is easier to keep going round in circles, dreaming of a life that you will one day, live.

But doing nothing to EVER GET THERE.

When presented with solutions, you try to complicate it and convince yourself that somehow it is different for you and you cannot do it.

And you have become so familiar with the emptiness and pain, you just keep recreating it.


On the outside, you have created what most would consider an okay existence so no, I am not even talking to the very desperate though it is exactly the same issue.

On the outside, we all can see how powerful you are.

But on the inside, it is empty and insecure and YUK.

And you keep telling your sad stories.

While holding on tightly to your prison cell of yuk relationships, yuk work, yuk health and a distant connection to Source who you now resent because he/she did not send the miracle you wanted, in exactly the way you wanted it.

You know there is more for you.

But until you begin to LOOK UP ABOVE the prison cell you have created for yourself.

You will continue to be mired in current circumstances, past experiences and all the drama and nonsense that come with them.


No one can do FOR YOU what you must do FOR YOURSELF.

It is time to free yourself.

And I have the thing for you, if you will have the wisdom to see.


9 immersion programs put together with instructions on how to get VERY Deliberate about your life.

Are you done with your sad story?

Are you done with being trapped in a prison of your own making?

Then free yourself now with this collection.

Much Amazing Love

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