There is a deep longing within you.

A yearning to be whole

A longing to feel complete

A knowing that there is so much more to you than this

And yet, you are so used to living as though you are nothing but a physical body

With physical issues and problems that you have to focus on, all day everyday

WIth other physical people who need you to continually focus on them and their needs

Usually to the detriment of your own desires and needs

The emptiness inside of you deepens

You try to soothe it with religious activity, hoping to appease whatever deity you submit to

Or maybe, you claim not to be religious and so you try to calm the emptiness and anxiety down with spiritual rituals

You try this and then that

And then some other thing and then some other OTHER thing

When they do not work, you blame yourself and try even harder

But it can’t work like that.

It never will work like that

Come home to you.

Come deeper home within you

No ritual required

It is so simple

And yet, its very simplicity scares you

You are more at home with the hard and the struggle and the push-push-pushing

You keep looking for the catch when something seems too simple, too obvious, too easy.

It has to be hard, you think, because everything in your life has been hard.

It has to be a scam if it is too easy and so, you look away and go searching for the next ritual, the next complicated process that will definitely solve the problem of emptiness and anxiety within you.

You have forgotten how to trust yourself, my love.

You have also forgotten how to trust the Divine.

It feels like it is you against the world and you will not be taken in again.

too many hurts

Too many hard things

too much lost.

YOu are tired but still yearning, searching, longing for the simple, the easy, the straightforward, the truth of you.

But you cannot trust it.

Even though it is right in front of you, you think there must be some other hard thing that you have to overcome.

You are used to the fight and you can fight with the best of them.

But you are tired.

Longing for simplicity yet pushing it away.

Longing to be free but staying chained to a life that obviously does not work

The ‘hard’ is familiar.

The creative force within is the unknown.

And so, daily, you choose the familiar while longing for the unknown.




You long to live life in touch with the creative force within

You have to go within to find it

You have to trust what you find


You will be safe

Much more safe than you feel right now

The anxiety and emptiness will begin to fade as you relax into the creative force within

Love will envelop you

Love will heal you

Love calls you home.


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