I love the Divine, I love deepening my connection to the Divine, I love understanding how faith works and all that great spiritual stuff.

I also love discovering my life’s purpose, living in my life’s purpose and eliminating any mental or emotional blocks to doing this

And also, I absolutely LOVE stuff, MATERIAL stuff, all the goodies, the cars, the houses, the first class travel, the designer bags, shoes, clothes, entertainment – ALL THE STUFF & ALL THE MONEY!

For a long time, I felt as a spiritual person that I should not want the material things all that much.  It was kinda okay to want a little bit of it…

You know, just enough to get by…  that was acceptable…

But to fully admit that I hold the MATERIAL STUFF in the same high regard as I do the spiritual stuff… well that seemed bad, greedy, yucky and not something I should ever admit to.

And yet, today I gave myself permission to want what I want, at an even deeper level.

And in fact, to be even more clear, I will go so far as to say that I want the material stuff more than the spiritual stuff.

Yes I do.

And normally, I would feel guilty about that and push it down and definitely not write about it because that was bad and naughty and unspiritual and greedy.

However today, as I went for a lovely walk round my local park, I had this mini realisation as I listened to a business coach I admire, wax lyrical about how living aligned to one’s purpose is the one thing she could not live without and all the material stuff, though nice to have, was not that essential to her…  She said she would be happy to get to the end of her life without all the stuff as long as she knew she had lived her purpose…

And I disagreed with her…

I realised that if I got to the end of my life and I had not experienced ALL THE material joys that planet earth has to offer (of course, I just mean the things that I WANT TO experience), then I will feel shortchanged, I will feel that I did not truly live.

And for a change, I allowed myself to think that.

To fully admit that to myself


I really truly love MATERIAL STUFF!

I want lots of MATERIAL STUFF, lots and lots and LOTS of MATERIAL stuff.

And it is okay.

And in admitting this to myself without filter or apology, I realised something else, I do fully believe I am an eternal being.  I will leave this physical body at some point but I, MYSELF, will never die – and so I have eternity to keep uncovering and deepening my understanding of my purpose, uncovering and deepening my connection to the Divine and I will do that – There is probably no end to all the things I can discover about purpose and the Divine…

But material stuff as experienced here on earth, is temporary.

I can only experience material stuff HERE on the material planet earth.

I cannot take it with me

I don’t care to take it with me.

I am here on planet earth to enjoy being HERE on planet earth so to leave planet earth without enjoying my time here FULLY because I told myself some stupid spiritual-ese nonsense about preparing for the next life or not wanting to be too greedy or too selfish or too proud or whatever, WOULD BE ABSOLUTELY STUPID!

Or to pretend that the Divine who knows no lack somehow wants to teach me some lesson and prepare me for the next life, by keeping me in lack is also ABSOLUTELY STUPID.

I also realised I had wasted WAY TOO MUCH TIME believing such nonsense and pushing my true self down in fear of appearing too unspiritual and crass…

I also realised that as a result of all this trying to force myself to be acceptable to ‘those spiritual people who judge whether your spirituality is on point or not’ (I don’t know who they are but I am sure they are out there 😃), I was probably taking actions that limited my ability to create the millions I want to create.  I was probably sabotaging myself without realising it.

We all do this unconsciously and then we tell ourselves that the results we get are just the way it is but really, the results we create are just what we expected because we will ALWAYS take actions that result in us proving ourselves right and then we blame the Divine or fate or karma or childhood trauma or whatever.

Anyway, today I decided again to be done with that.

I am one with the Divine and therefore, I am limitless and I am powerful creator and I am queen of my life.  I can create whatever I choose to allow myself to create so I choose again to create all the material stuff I want unapologetically.

I choose again to admit to myself just how huge my ambitions and desires are and I say YES to all of it

I choose again to keep discovering how to wield my power to create so that i can, even more predictably, create more and more and MORE material stuff.

I choose again to allow the Divine to be fully expressed through me, rather than me limiting his full expression because of my false limitations.

I choose again to take all limits off

I choose again to create my version of the free, fulfilled, financially-abundant, love-drenched life UNAPOLOGETICALLY.

Again, I SAY YES to all of my material desires

And in saying YES, I allow myself to do what it takes to create ALL that I desire immediately.

What of you?

What desires are you hiding from?

What stories are you telling yourself about your huge ambitions?

Have you been making yourself feel guilty for wanting all the things you want?

Have you been unconsciously stopping yourself from playing full out to create all that you truly want because deep down, you thought you were evil for being soooooo ‘greedy’?

Have you been judging yourself as bad, greedy, selfish, unspiritual?

Have you thought that the Divine would punish you if the true extent of your desires ever became known?

Have you thought that other people would punish you if you truly admitted to all you wanted and then actually took action to create it?

Well, WAKE UP and give yourself permission to want what you want and to do what it takes to create it.

If you truly believe in abundance, you would see that you getting all you want does not actually affect anyone else’s ability to create what they want…

You would also see the absurdity of believing that the Divine is seeking to limit you – Why does He/She need to?  Really think about that…

Well…, You may not want to believe me just yet as your old ideas of lack and scarcity may be very deeply embedded.

It did take me quite a few years of sitting with the Divine, asking questions, dumping old ideas etc etc to be able to say the above.

But maybe, just maybe, this might plant a seed in you

And it will germinate at the perfect time.

Of that I am sure.

For now, love or hate me – I LOVE GOD & I LOVE MATERIAL STUFF. And I CHOOSE NOW TO CREATE EVERY SINGLE MATERIAL THING I WANT unapologetically while I am here on planet earth.

In fact, I consider it my responsibility & purpose while here on planet earth to thoroughly make the most of my existence on this planet and to thoroughly enjoy every material thing I want to enjoy…

Because I want to.

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