Living Free In A World That Wants Us Bound

Today, I am even more enamoured with the concept of freedom.  Freedom to be whoever we want to be.

Freedom to do whatever we want to do.

Freedom to not care what anyone else thinks about it.

Freedom to strip off the layers of supposed respectability and just discover your own way.

Surely, freedom is the only path to happiness.

Living FreeThere are so many rules, so many opinions about how we ‘should’ live but how many of those rules are just designed to make someone else feel comfortable that they can put us in a box?

How many of those rules actually help us, rather than hinder us?

I completely believe that God created me, not to be a puppet but to be a living breathing, awesome free person and yet, I get trapped time and time again in trying to fit into people’s ideals for me.

It is like I jump ship from one crazy person’s idea of freedom and jump right into someone else’s.

I need to take time to distil out my own ideas, to know my own mind, to take action on my own feelings about who I am.

Time and time again, I realize that I get this one life.  If I allow other people’s ideas to completely overshadow mine then it will be a wasted life.  I do completely believe that I can only make a difference in the world as I discover freedom in my inner parts.

It is me being me that makes all the difference and when I do that, it encourages others to be different and make a difference as well.

And it is our differences that have the power to change the world.  It is not our sameness-es.  It is not sheepish following of the crowd that brings about change in the world… No!

It is when people dare to act on what they believe in…

It is when people dare to act on what they think is possible instead of being held back by other people’s ideas of possibility…

It is then that the world opens up, it is then that we all begin to see that there are new ways to think, to be, to live.

A lot of people live a life of sacrifice thinking that this is what God, society, someone demands of them and I find myself doubting that.  I don’t think that is true.  And maybe I am selfish in feeling that each person must do what they WANT to do, not what they feel is demanded of them.

I have been accused of selfishness on numerous occasions, maybe it is time to just accept it and live with it and not care what anyone thinks about me.

After all, who defined selfishness anyway?

Someone who wanted to keep others down?

Someone who wanted to keep people in their place?

And why am I listening to that person?

Why are you?

From birth, we have been taught to live in a tribe as it would keep us safe.  Our parents meant well.  The only trouble is that in order to do that, we have to conform to the rules and regulations of the tribe even if it means diminishing our own individuality and that is a great loss.

7 billion people on the planet and we cannot end world hunger!

7 billion people on the planet and we keep trying to find our tribe and fit in, and be the same instead of owning the person that we are first and THEN, allowing people with similar ideals to find us.

We do not need to control or be controlled, we do not need to manipulate or to be manipulated.  WE can just be who we are and choose to create and live a free, wealthy life.  And just by the fact that we are being ourselves, we make a difference.

Freedom is a choice.  It is not always the easy choice.

But in the long term, it is the best choice.

Will I make it today?

Will you?

You always get a choice…

Over 17 days or so, starting Monday 20th, I am going to be exploring 17 secrets to being free when all around you are not.  I invite you to join me in the online group if you want to be free of all the shoulds and musts and you want to step into discovering what you actually want to do and it is completely free with a FREE AMAZON Book delivered to you at the end of it.

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