Live Life Deliberately

What do you wake up to every morning? Peace, tranquility, A feeling of power – A knowledge that today is going to be an amazing day…

Or more to the point… Would you like to wake up to that?

Would you like to start each day feeling inspired, motivated & confident, knowing that you have all you need to create an amazing day? Would it help to start on a positive note that puts you in the driving seat of your day and your life?

Then tell me, what gets in the way of that happening now?

Be honest, Most days you wake up and you either lie there worrying about how on earth you are going to get through the day, worried about money, worried about your relationships, worried about your kids, worried about the boss, worried, worried, worried?

Or… Maybe most days, you wake up and you have to rush right into the day because you are already behind.

This is no way to live, is it?

Well, when you read through this page, all the way to the end, you are going to discover how you can get a peaceful feeling of power each and every morning before you launch into the day! A feeling that will follow you through the day and help you make more powerful decisions and take more effective actions each and every day.

DSC_8878-EditHi, I am Rosemary, and for a long time, my days seemed to be completely out of my control. I woke up and life seemed to go downhill from there.

I was in debt, I was in a job I did not much like and frankly, life was pretty tedious!  And I thought they would stay that way forever.  I had only known struggle and could not figure out how to get past it.

And finally things started to turn around when I chose to take control of the first moments of each day and use them to craft a more powerful, a more deliberately designed happy day.

No, it is not always perfect but by doing this simple thing everyday, I started to live life deliberately and become the creator of my own life experience.

And you are invited to this ‘Live Life Deliberately’ journey, too.

Instead of rushing into the day already feeling behind the moment you get up, you could deliberately take 2-5 minutes listening or watching a very short, inspirational and practical program that will set you up for the day.

This is about living life deliberately, rather than allowing life to passively happen to you…

And it all starts with how you begin or how you end the day.

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The Live Life Deliberately Program is a daily thought that is delivered to you each day. It is a mixture of motivational thoughts on the different areas of life that any entrepreneurial person needs to ensure that the day starts off well.

Live Life DeliberatelyI mean, it can work for anyone but I must admit I have a soft spot for people who want to make a difference and make a fortune because they are just like me.

Wanting to lead a life that they have designed instead of one they have been made to live.

And it all starts with the thoughts we go to sleep on or the thoughts we wake up with. (You get to choose when you listen to each daily program – first thing or last thing in the day – As you do it, you will learn what works best for you)

The Live Life Deliberately program will cover all kinds of areas

  • Live Life Deliberately

    Love and relationships

  • Making money and investing

  • Getting in better health

  • Training your brain for success

  • Spirituality

  • Meditation/Mindfulness

  • Debt Reduction

  • Successful habits

  • Stress management

  • Productivity

It will cover everything you need to live a deliberate life that makes you happy, wealthy and fulfilled.

It will be delivered via email either as a video, or an audio and at times there will be a mini worksheet with a journaling point.

Sometimes, it will be spoken, sometimes it will be sung but always it will help you be happy now.

There will be a private forum as well to discuss any ideas that come up amongst members – This is completely optional.

You can come and go at will so if you find it is not useful to your needs, then feel free to cancel your membership and be on your way.


Live Life Deliberately

At the moment, it is only $10 a month as I do not want anyone to feel excluded from gaining daily wisdom to create a better day.

So, are you in?

This is all about being all that you know you can be with the right stimulus so go on, give it a go and see before you make a judgement.

At $10 a month, it is certainly worth the investment.

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Speak soon.