Stop trying to live your life vicariously through other people

Live Life Vicariously through another

“Let their ceiling be our floor”  or so a glitzy saying once went.  I have not heard it recently, possibly because whoever created it, realized it was not completely possible.

Do you understand what that means?

Let me explain quickly.

This was a saying that I started to hear, a few years ago, in a church I attended. Leaders, in one capacity or the other, prayed for the young people in this manner.

“May our ceiling be your floor”

The idea being that whatever heights the leaders themselves had reached, would be the launchpad for the next generation.  In some ways, that is possible.  Each new generation of people start at a different place further in the evolution of humankind and yet…

When it comes to the mistakes that each generation make, it is kinda impossible to avoid them.  Until you have lived through your own mistakes, it is hard to avoid the landmines by basing all your choices on someone else’s experience.

You need your own experiences.

You need to make your own mistakes, if you are to learn and propel forward.

And the same goes with any business venture you begin.  People can show you what to do, some things to avoid, how best to get a certain result but you actually have to have the experience yourself.

Most people try to follow someone else’s system, someone else’s path to wealth and happiness.  They take the system and the path as being set in stone and the one and only way to get what they want and most of the time, they are disappointed.

Disappointed because it is not possible to completely replicate someone else’s life.

You have to live yours.

This is your journey and you have to live it.

You cannot vicariously live off someone else’s journey because you are too scared to create yours.  No one’s ceiling can completely be your floor.

There will be holes in it that you will fall through because you are blindly following them.  These holes need to be filled by your experiences and your unique personality so yes, you can start at a higher position than they did but unless you are completely in the game, playing full out, you will drop into these holes and stay down there thinking that a great life is not for you instead of realizing that life is giving you an opportunity to grow.

And this goes for parents & leaders too…

You may be trying so hard to live through the experiences of people you mentored and led.  You may have got to the point where you think it is your time to relax, to hang back and to become a spectator because you have fought and won some battles but you are now ready for a rest.

And yet…

That is not the way life is.  There is no ‘sit back and relax’ time, there is no ‘I have done my bit so now I can stop growing’ time.  There is life!  And life is an ever-expanding experience.

You are never too old to create new ceilings.

You are not too young to begin either.

Age has absolutely nothing to do with it.

As long as you are alive, there is expansion waiting for you.

Learn what you can from others but never stop making their experiences yours by deliberately living YOUR life each and every day.  Do not retreat into passively following a system: Yes, use it AND make it yours.  Add ‘YOU’ to the equation.  Stop doubting all that you have to bring.

Fight for, create the life, the business you want.

Kind Regards

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