Live Life Deliberately – What On Earth Does that Even Mean?

Deliberate Millionaire

I say that such a lot.  If you follow me, if you are in my world at all, you will have heard this.  You will know that I attempt to live my life by this incredible motto –


Live Life Deliberately

What does it make you think of?

How does it feel to hear it?

As I type this, I hear the sound of a pounding drum thumping away in my heart.  It reminds me to Live. Life. Deliberately.

Live. Life. Deliberately.


Because it is the only way to really live.

Life can be tough.  Life can be unpredictable.  I know –

I have lived through being delivered to a foster carer at 6 weeks old and not really knowing my own mum…

I have lived through being then wrenched from this familiar foster home and taken back to Nigeria where life was considerably different.

I have been in a car accident that left my father paralyzed from his neck down.

That was certainly life changing.

I have lived through armed robbers breaking into our home in the middle of the night on numerous occasions.  I have heard gunshots, realized that members of the household have been killed. 

I have heard my mum crying, screaming in the middle of the night as she was beaten and led round the house like a sacrificial lamb because the armed robbers liked to be shown round by someone who could give them the money.

I have had my face slapped so hard I saw stars as I tried to be the brave one that opened the door while everyone else was hiding.  I could not bear to hear my mum squealing any more so I went to let them in.

Thankfully, nothing worse than a slap happened.  I still remember my mum telling the robbers that my sister and I were really young and now I know why she tried to protect us & redirect their attention in that way.

The armed robbers did make away with my skin lotion & fake jewellery – To add a lighter note to my tale of woe, they must have had dry skin!

I share this stuff because I know what it is like to feel helpless in the face of people taking away your freedom.  I felt like a victim for a large number of years and I thought that life would just continue to happen to me.

This is the exact opposite of living life deliberately.

This was living life passively and I did it for a very long time.

And yes, I can blame all my circumstances and I can claim that I had reason to (and I could tell you more!) but guess where that leaves me…

It leaves me a victim.

A weak, complaining victim with no control over her life and I refuse to be that person.  I refuse to be someone who rolls over and allows things to happen to me just because I have a story of woe.

I know people have lived worse lives than I have but ultimately, who cares about your sad story?

Only YOU DO!

Only I CARED about my sad story and I allowed it to define me for far too long.  I became a pharmacist and I was still living out of my sad story.  Still thinking that something other than my stinking thinking got in the way of my ability to live a full, free, wealthy, purpose driven life.

And so, yes, I looked successful on the outside but on the inside, I was a sad victim – Still being steered by the circumstances of my past.

And I had to choose to break free.

I had to choose to start making my own choices, no matter how hard they were to make.

It was the only way I could become free.

I had to choose to live life deliberately.

And once I did life began to open up.

Where before I had only one choice, I suddenly had quite a few.

It is not that they were not there before; it is just that I had allowed my fears and my need for approval, to limit me down to one or no choices.

And so for ages, I stayed stuck, dissatisfied, unfulfilled and certainly unhappy.

Was this to be my lot in life?

It would have been if I had not woken up to living life deliberately.

When will you wake up?

When will you choose to stop allowing circumstances, people, events to determine your life?

We only get this one life and the longer you wait, the more time you waste.  And time, honey, is the only thing we can never ever get back.

Passive people waste time because they are scared of wasting money – Money is replaceable, time isn’t.

Passive people waste time because they are scared that they are not ready to wake up and live.  Time spent being scared does not make you less scared, it just reinforces your reasons for staying stuck and you think and think yourself into more of a fearful frenzy.

Passive people waste time waiting for permission – they talk and talk about all the things they will do some distant day in the future and yet, that day keeps being set further and further into the future until one day, they realize they ran out of time.

Honey, no one can give you permission to be you.  Only you get that authority over your life and unless you wield it, you stay trapped in a ‘someday’ type of life and you try to pretend you are happy with it.

How crazy!

And yet, I did that for a while so I am not writing this as some kind of guru – OH NO!  I write it just as a fellow traveller who finally chose to wake up and live.

I write it as an invitation to you to wake up and live.

An invitation to live life deliberately and create an experience you look back on with awe while charging confidently into a future that you have created with your own two hands.

You are a person of incredible power and authority and maybe, that scares you.  You get a glimpse of what is possible for you and you want to run and hide because it seems too big for someone like you.

And yet, if you can see it, honey, you can create it.

You just have to choose it.

And, if you are ready to be all that you are capable of being, if you are ready to live life deliberately as a warrior fighting for the life, the business you want…  If you are ready to live a life of freedom smashing through your own limitations, your own self belief issues and step up as the leader that you are, then come along and join us in the Deliberate Millionaire.

This is for you if financial and time freedom are particular goals of yours and you are fed up of procrastinating, dabbling and being someone other than the powerful person you are created to be…  You now get a choice to allow yourself to be supported, to allow yourself to choose the ‘wealthy’ door rather than the ‘average’ door – You can create a successful business using your strengths.

In the Deliberate Millionaire, we cover the tips, tricks and strategies for building an incredible business AND we deal with the mindset issues, the practical daily challenges that come with being in the world!  You are a leader and it is time for you to shine.  Join us in the Deliberate Millionaire before Sunday and get it at incredible value.

Let’s make stuff happen!

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