Scroll through your social media feed and you will inevitably get sucked into some form of struggle, sadness, drama (Unless you have carefully curated who is in your world.  Most have not)

Watch most TV programs and you will inevitably be sucked into problems that seem so real, you feel a tug on your heart to do something, say something, feel something.  Even if you don’t, it shifts something within you and not always for the best.

Hang around most people for even 90 seconds and see how long it takes for them to complain about something.  I am usually pretty surprised about this, these days until I remember that I used to be this way too.  It seemed to be the cool thing to always be sharing what was wrong with the world because you can always find people to agree with you.  If you are too positive, you feel weird and so you play that part of you down.

I could go on about the world you are immersed in.

The world you consider to be normal

The world that drains you but you are so used to being drained all the time, you don’t even notice it half the time.

And then from that extremely low, yet common, viewpoint, you expect to create uncommon success.

You hope to say a few affirmations, chant a few mantras, maybe strike a few yoga poses and pray  for 15 minutes (maybe even stretch it to 60 minutes) and then somehow, for all of your life to elevate.

It does not and will NEVER work that way.

You will always get what you are most immersed in.


So, honey, you get a choice…

Live in the noise and receive the results of that (you already are)


Live above the noise as you tap into the deepest part of you and live in connection to the Source of your creative power.

The crazy thing is that it feels nice to know everything happening in the world.

It feels like you are doing something by being drawn into the craziness.

You feel guilty to even consider elevating beyond it

You both want to be someone who experiences uncommon success AND you want to be one of ‘the people’.


You cannot be immersed in common ways of thinking and being while at the same time, experiencing what uncommon ways of thinking and being produce.

AWAKEN, my dear.

What is it to be?

Live in the noise


Live above the noise

ONly one will result in the peace and plenty you desire.

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Much Amazing Love

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