For so long, I ignored my body, my intuitive feelings.  I dishonoured myself and I paid the price.

I have always been a sensitive soul but I did not see myself as such.  I thought I was tough and hard and capable of doing anything and putting up with anything just by working harder than anyone and so I would ignore my feelings and just plough ahead because that is what we are supposed to do, right?

The mind keeps count of all the rules and how you are supposed to behave to be a ‘good’ christian, a ‘successful’ person, a ‘great’ mother, a ‘loving’ daughter, a ‘perfect’ wife, a ‘social and compassionate’ friend and so on.

And I tried, I really did try and even succeeded a lot of the time in being all these things but my body was telling a different story.

One of pain, hurt, anger, self-betrayal.

But I ignored all that.

I was ‘strong’ and I did not need to take time out for me.

Oh no, I was too busy saving and serving everyone else or rebelling against them because some days, even my mind was not powerful enough to get me to act in ways that hurt me.

But then I would think that I was guilty for doing my own thing and so get back on the treadmill of pain, as quickly as possible.

Pushing my feelings down into some hidden place within, hoping that somehow they would resolve themselves as I had things to do, people to appear ‘good’ too and so on.

Most people go on doing this forever because their mind has convinced them that this is the way to a good life and a perfect stay in paradise in the after-life.

And then there is us.

We want more than just survival.

We get the feeling that there is more to life than this.

And so, we start to go after all that we desire but find that our energy is caught up in all these hidden places within and there is not enough energy available to create the life we desire and so we start the work – the inner work of uncovering the hidden places, healing the wounds that have been festering for so long, releasing our energy and becoming truly free, fulfilled, financially abundant and love-drenched.

It is painful, for sure.

And it can be scary.

And there are times when we wonder if we are just being self-indulgent in thinking that we can ignore the world and all the rules that the mind keeps yelling at us to adhere too.

We have for too long, ignored our bodies and now the mind will not let us go without a fight.

But finally we see that if we are to be truly free, we must face into this stuff.

So we love ourselves enough to do the work.

And we live an uncommonly successful life as a result.

Honey, be one of us – the deliberate.

Give up passive submission to the crazy demands of a mind that has been conditioned by the world to just be one of the massmind.

Come away from all that.

Do the inner work to be able again to hear your own intuition, to feel clearly what is right and wrong for you.

Begin to trust your body, your intuition again.

You sense what is right for you – TRUST THAT!

It is so much easier when we live in alignment with our own awesome selves.

AWAKEN, my love.

Release all that stored energy and use it to deliberately design and create the life you truly want.

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Much Amazing Love

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