gymogmbe2Congratulations on being a part of the ‘Get your Message Out, Get More Buyers In’

I am looking forward to working with you in the group.

I have had a lot of questions about whether there will be the opportunity to work with me on an individual basis to really streamline your specific business and if that is your desire, here is how you can make it happen.

Working with me is limited to only 15 people, five of which will be people who joined early – if you are one of the first five, expect a surprise refund 🙂 ).  I have to set this limit because I do not have the time to fit a lot of one-to-one in in addition to my regular premium clients, VIP days and homeschooling my girls.

So, if this is something you are interested in,

This is what to expect…

  1. Each week, you will have a set time with me which will last anything from 5 mins to a maximum of half an hour.
  2. Before each call, you will need to fill in a very simple form with just 6 questions detailing what you hope to get out of each session which will of course, ensure you get maximum value from our time together.
  3. Expect to be held accountable for the work you committed to from our last conversation and the training videos being sent out.

Yes, I know this will put some of you off and that is completely cool.  Only take this on, if you are serious about accelerating the growth of your business.

Some will think it expensive and that is fine too.  Imagine where your business will be when you implement everything we talk about and then tell me what you consider the value to be.  I think it is far too cost-effective 😀 !

You will know the difference by the time we finish our work together.  I believe in helping people get results and you will be no different.

It is time to really move forward!


Get Your Message Out, get More Buyers In

And to give you another option, here is the pay plan – Click Here