It is a basic need, a desire within every human being to expand, to become bigger, to do more good work, to live a free life and to enjoy that life…  However, it is also not the experience of every human and mostly because they have chosen to believe it is an impossible thing for them.

It seems simplistic to think that way as of course, in parts of the world, there is hunger, there is widespread lack, there is disease etc so how can I say that every human being can live a free life and enjoy that life?  I do not seek to demean any of some people’s suffering but I would ask you this – “How is your concern with all the poverty and horridness in the world, helping the world?”

Right now, you are reading this so therefore you are blessed enough to be able to.  And it is only as you start to recognize all the blessings that you do have that you will start to create more and then you can get to changing the world for other people, if you so choose.

Vague and vehement ideas about the injustice in the world will NEVER ever bring change about.  It is humans working deliberately for good, having firstly ‘saved themselves’ that will change things for a lot of other people but when it comes down to it and it may sound a little callous to say this, everyone must choose to raise their level of consciousness.

The truth is, you could distribute all the wealth equally to everyone on the planet and within a few months, things would return to the current status quo because if you cannot believe in your good fortune, then you will do whatever it takes to get rid of it.  I know it sounds crazy but how much do you salf sabotage right now?

You say you want to get rich but then you get fearful about it and refuse to take the action that you have to take to create the desired wealth.  You tell yourself that only the evil get rich and so that stops you from doing anything that will make you rich.  You also tell yourself that it would be too risky and so again, that stops you taking the actions that you must take to create wealth.  And worst of all, you do not take the time to understand that your underlying thinking is the cause of most of your misfortune.  You accept that the way you think is the way you think and you do nothing to correct it.

That is unfortunate.

Because right now, I see a wall between you and every single thing you want.  On the one side of this wall is you wondering why things seems so hard and just getting about your daily business and on the other side is everything you wish for, everything you want to manifest, everything that you have affirmed and it will take a simple decision on your part to get it all but the path to that simple decision seems tough.

There is a parable of a wasteful son – A dude who decides to forcefully take his inheritance and go off and squander it because like I mentioned, his consciousness had not risen to the level where he could have it all and use it all in a manner that would cause it to multiply – There probably was guilt associated with the way he got the inheritance, as well

Anyway, after a time, his money dwindled to nothing as it does when you are not ready to receive it and he initially was too proud to return home to his family to be looked after but after hitting rockbottom, he suddenly realised that h was makingl life unnecesarily hard for himself so he made the simple decision to repent and go back home and in that moment, everything good started to come to him again.

You may or may not know this parable but the thing to distil out is the journey he had to go through to get to the place of decision.  You have a similar journey and it is found on the narrow path.  There are certain lies you believe right now that hold you back and until you get to the point where you are willing to accept that they are lies, you will not make the decision to create all the wealth you want.

You may work hard at it but if you do not think you deserve it, you will never get it.

And how long it takes you to get to that simple decision is up to you.

Of course, you may choose to ignore the desires in your heart and just settle for whatever you can get and that is the path most people take.  Hopefully, you will do the internal work as well as the external work to get the result you really want.

The life you want1.Deal with your worthiness issues

You deserve every good thing but do you believe it.  Really?  IS there any resistance coming up for you when you consider it?  Or maybe it is because it has not been your experience to date but again, it is a little chicken and egg – IF you do not believe you deserve every good thing, will you do what it takes to get every good thing?  And while you do not have every good thing, how can you believe you deserve it?

Break the cycle now by telling yourself that you do deserve every good thing, regardless of appearances.  Look at the thoughts of resistance that come up and replace them where you can or just acknowledge them but deterine to tell yourself that you deserve every good thing until you overshadow any doubt about it.

2. Declare what you choose to have with confidence

Stop filtering your dreams and desires.  Make them big enough to excite you and challenge you.  Write out your desires, write out what you consider to be yoru purpose on the planet, write out your money goals, write out your relationship goals, write out your ideal day and confidently decide it is yours.

3. Cast away doubt by acknowledging and turning it around

As mentioned in the first point, look your doubt firmly in the eye and turn it around. So, you may think that no one you know has attained the levels of wealth and happiness you want and so you doubt that you can.  You can turn that around and realise that you are a different person and you can figure out how to create the life you want, regardless of what anyone else you know has done.  After all, there are a great number of people who live the life youdream of, so why not you?

4. Learn what you need to do

There is always a way to gain the information you need to flourish.  In this day and age, you may even be able to find a lot of it for free.  The qestion is whether you will organise the knowledge and USE IT!

5. Create Channels for wealth to flow to you

If yuo want to create wealth then create various channels for that to happen.  If you do not create the channels, do not expect the wealth to flow.  If you do not create the channels to serve the people you are called to serve, why expect to fulfil your purpose.  You have to creat the channels.  So learn what you need to learn and apply it by creating channels now.  And to be even more specific, create the songs, the books, the programs, the speeches, find the products that will sell and produce profits as well as make a difference to someone else, name your service and tell people about it so they know to avail themselves of it from you.

Also, and very importantly, build an audience.

Work on all these 5 steps simultaneously and start to break down the wall between you and your fortune and your purpose driven life.

Will you do the work?

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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