We get this crazy idea that when we choose to live to the fullness of our potential, then life will stop and make room for us.

We think that no bad things will happen to those we love.

We think that the boss, the children, the partner, the parents or whoever will not need us so much.

We think that the sun will always shine a bit brighter and the rain will avoid us because hey, we made a decision to live out our dreams so OF COURSE, it will all fall into place, right?!

Well, WRONG!

You are not exempt from life.

EVEN when you choose to live to your true design!

Life does not just stop.

There will still be horrible situations that occur that, if you allow them to, will drain your energy COMPLETELY.

Most people go from one crazy event to the next and have absolutely NO ENERGY for building their vision.


You are going to have to get seriously FOCUSED.

And this is a relentless kind of focus that will mean that you look callous to ‘MOST’ people.

They will not understand how you can seem so cold in the face of this event or that event.

And if you are not careful, you will feel guilty or shameful for being focused on your own vision.


I cannot emphasize this enough.

Too many people think that those who wildly succeed have an easier life then they do.

Well, it is not true.

The successful thrive because they have learnt to manage their energy FIRMLY.

It does not matter what is happening in the physical reality, they come straight back to their true priorities.

You need to become like this.

FIRMLY FOCUSED on what you desire.


Man, I have worked in hospital beds when I was in hospital, when my babies were in hospital.

I write blog posts in lobbies everywhere.

I check my ads whatever is happening around me.

I will not compromise on my time with the Divine first thing in the morning, even if it means I wake up HOURS before anyone else does and regardless of jetlag or whatever travel schedule I have.

And these days, I will not compromise on finding a way to exercise as well and hit my pre-determined amount of activity each day.

I am FIERCE about my time and my energy and to a lot of people, I am incredibly selfish and high maintenance/too big for my boots.

I don’t care.

I know what I have decided to create and nothing, no one is allowed to deter me.

I would have to be in a coma or dead, not to do what I have set my mind to do each day.

This type of focus is more than most people are willing to give to themselves, which is why most people do not win.

When I say that one half of the DELIBERATE LIFE PATH is to FALL BACK IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF, this is part of what I mean.

Are you willing to truly love yourself, my love?

Are you willing to put yourself and your vision first, even in the face of very compelling reasons not to?

Life will not stop to allow you to create the life you want because life is literally what you created with the way you acted/thought/imagined/felt in the past.

The only way you change life is by changing how you act, think, imagine, feel from this moment forward.

Are you willing?

Stop listening to your reasons why you cannot do what you said you would do today.

Instead, remind yourself of the life you desire to create.

Remind yourself of why it is so important to you.

Get back connected to the Divine.

Take back your energy from wherever you have decided to deposit it.

And let’s keep doing the work to live to your true design.

Prosperity is your divine right.

Are you willing to pay the price to claim it?

If you are, then the FREEDOM COLLECTION will support you in moving forward powerfully.


Self mastery.

Deliberate Life Design Mastery.


Are you in?

Much Amazing Love

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