OK, honesty time…

Every day you wake up, what do you feel?

A sinking feeling, a horrible, physically sick feeling or a frisson of excitement and joy about what the day just may bring?

What would you like to feel?

What do you want your life to be about and are you heading there or are you hoping that it will somehow happen to you without any input from you?

That somehow, getting older means getting wiser…

It does not, you know?!

Getting older just means getting older and more set in your ways and more likely to feel stuck because the journey back to a life you really want seems too hard and so you settle into nothing.

IS that really what you want?

You are born for greatness, for abundance, for prosperity and you know that.  You feel it deep down inside… You feel out-of-place when you are not living it and yet…


It is like me claiming forever that I have a 34D or bigger breasts and maybe, it would finally manifest or I can start taking the inspired actions within me to create the breasts that I want.

I could find all sorts of reasons why I was not allowed it…

Why I should not do it!

What people will think of me for doing it!

Do I deserve to spend that money on myself?

Will God like me doing it?

Am I going above my station in life to think that people like me, go to do things like that?!

Etc, etc, etc and I did do all of that for a while until I realised that I simply wanted to have 34D boobs or bigger and so, if I wanted them, I could just go get them.

After all, Spirit has inspired some doctors out there to come up with a way to make it possible so why the heck not just allow myself to get what I want?!

I did and I got my bigger boobs!  Wahey!

And that is what it will come down to, for you…


You don’t like the current one so why hang onto it for dear life?

Why tell yourself that you have to put up with things you don’t want to put up with?

Why tell yourself that Spirit wants you to?

Don’t you see that you are a divine being and you get to create the life you want?

Where you start is not necessarily where you must end, unless you want to be there!

And that is what it looks like, right now…


It is comfortable, isn’t it?

And so, you just stay here – hating it but liking it all at the same time…

Convincing yourself that you don’t know what to do but you do know…

And when you come to the end of your life, if you do not change the way you are living now, there will be no hiding from the truth.  Actually, even now, in your more sane moments, there is no hiding from the truth – YOU KNOW what to do but you are too chicken to do it!

I love you but I gotta be honest with you about what you are doing to your life!

Right now, I live a life of adventure and some days, it is pretty dang terrifying as I wonder how I will get myself out from under the awesome pressure I put myself under as I go after everything I desire NOW, not later…

And yet, I always come out on top…

But there is always a season of pressure as I walk through the fire and burn off the parts of me that want to hang on to a lesser existence…

I lean on Spirit and I keep moving forward…

I deliberately design my life under fire…

Not everyone will choose to handle this pressure…

In fact, most will say that that must mean it is not what I am supposed to do…

But they are only reacting in fear and making their lives smaller and smaller while my life gets bigger and bigger!

What do you want?

A big, expansive life?

Where you get to do ONLY the things you want to do?

Then get on the narrow path!

Do what most will not do!

Go through the fire!

Burn off the extraneous nonsense that holds you back and keeps you in an unfulfilling life that you dislike…

Burn off the ties to people and things that hinder you…


Choose to build that amazing business that funds your awesome life!

It is simply and always a choice!



Refuse to settle for less!

Don’t be held back by the conventions and traditions of others…

Live free of all that nonsense!

This is YOUR life – Do you like what you see?

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live…

Because you want to!


Exciting times for spirit-driven entrepreneurs who want everything! Who KNOW that abundance is their birthright and they want to live in the experience of it!

It is time!

To learn how to be spiritual and rich!

To release yourself from any holdbacks!

To be the winner you KNOW you are born to be!

Spirit has been speaking to you, agitating you into action and you are ready to experience more – This is the most indepth program you will ever take part in that will help you do EVERYTHING you need to do as a spirit-driven entrepreneur to create an abundant, blessed existence doing work that you love.


Where you get to wake up and do only things that you want to do!

You want this life where you get to impact the world in the way you are best suited to do it…

You want this life where you get the freedom to make money from anywhere!

You want this life of prosperity and blessing!

And so, here it is – The program that shows ou the pathway!

The program that makes clear everything you need to do to make your big amazing life a reality for you!

No more talk!

No more over thinking!

NOW is the time to get off your awesome arse and make your dreams a reality…

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