life is happening now

So, tell me?  Are you really truly aware that life is happening right now?  Do you understand that it is not waiting around for you to be ready?  It is not waiting around for you to decide what you want.  It is not waiting around for you to decide to actually wake up and take it.

It is just happening right now.

It is going on its merry way right now.

Time tick-tick-tocking away as you dither and vacillate from one decision to the other.

It keeps on passing by.

And yet, any moment that you are willing, you can grab ahold of life and truly start to live it, right now in the present.

YOU can stop waiting to know exactly the perfect steps to take and just take the next step right in front of you.

You can stop trying to get everything lined up in a wonderful, neat and tidy row and you can just move.

You never have to allow fear of the unknown stop you.  Yes, you may get it all wrong to start with, I get that but you know…

You would STILL be in a better place than if you were dithering trying to figure out what is right and what is wrong on the sidelines.

Because, honey, you will never know while standing stuck in place, waiting and waiting for a sign from the heavens.

Now is now!

Now is the time to move, not later.

Now is the only time you have.

And yet, you waste it.

You tell yourself you cannot do what you want to do and yet, nothing gets in the way except you.

You tell yourself you are not good enough to be all you want to be and yet, nothing gets in the way except you.

What is life, if there is not at least some adventure in it?

Give yourself the opportunity to explore different ways of doing things – Who knows what new ideas could spring from you stepping off the well-trodden path and becoming more the person you are created to be.

Life may have battered all risk-taking out of you but you can take it back.  You can choose to no longer allow fear to rule the day.  You can allow yourself room to explore more than your current boring version of life.

You can allow yourself to be YOU boldly instead of the watered down version that you think you must be.

Step up, warrior!

Life is happening now!

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