Life is a Marathon – Goal Lists Vs To do Lists

Have you heard the saying – Life is a marathon?  What do you make of that?

Life is a marathon

For most of us, we live life like it is a sprint, rushing on to the next thing, rushing to be better than ‘they’ said we could be – whether it be teachers, parents, ‘friends’, whoever.  We crash and burn at some point, realising that we are running full speed to something we may not even want or we get jaded by the fact that we feel we have lived up to ‘their’ opinion of us and we really are not worth much.

At this point, some of us just get fed up of everything and refuse to take part at all while others redirect and keep running full pelt to who knows where, waiting for the next crash and burn.

Let me suggest a better way – Think again about the Quote

Life is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

People speak a lot about Goal setting and the amazing difference written goals can make on the life of anyone that applies it.  And mostly, I agree.  You should know what you want, you DEFINITELY should write it down and you DEFINITELY, DEFINITELY should look at it often and tweak where you can as you journey through life.

The only issue with goals that I have is the fact that until you reach your goals, there is a tendency to feel like you have not accomplished anything.  This can be made worse by the fact that a lot of us have these HUGE goals which sound amazing but because they are so ENORMOUS, you do not even make a start and all you see is confusion!

So again, I say

Life is a marathon, NOT a sprint

How can you turn this around to your advantage?

Now you know where you are going, set up little steps, little projects you can do immediately.  Have a To-Do list for each day with little things that when worked on will get you a little closer to THE BIG GOAL.

Start the journey & build up endurance, resilience in the little targets.  Figure out how to do all these little things that lead to your big thing.  If you are a mum with children at home, work out the kinks of what you will do for childcare, how you can fit it around your life.  Figure out how to forgive people who have let you down.

Start with the small daily mini-goals and then work with determination steadily.

Everyday, you CAN experience SUCCESS as you work on a little project, rather than being in the position where you feel like a failure until you reach the BIG GOAL.

Everyday that you work on a project is unveiling more of the great person that you are.  Like most people, you are probably covered in the expectations of others, the disappointment of not living up to some ideal, the feeling you have to be something other than who you are and all that nonsense that gets chucked at us as we grow up in this imperfect world.  Starting to WORK ON a mini-goal starts to erase that and take off the veil you are shrouded in.

OK, Action plan

1. Write down a goal

2. Break it down

3. Take action

Lets Go!

I would love to hear your thoughts on this so leave a comment below.  Join me on the Facebook page as well and lets discuss it.  I do so love to see faces 🙂

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