Life is a fight for territory

By March 17, 2013November 6th, 2014Personal Growth, Self Development

Woohoo!  I have felt completely well this week.  OK, I have not quite got rid of the sniffles but I have felt in peak health and I am sure I lost some weight along the way.  That is the only positive thing about illness- weight loss without trying too hard!  Thankfully, everyone is back to full health in the house as well even Tloml who returned home two weeks well and strong and left us to return to work full of the flu 🙁 , is back to normal health now.  I am pretty grateful for that.  I was getting fed up of the fight for the territory of health.

Well, I have just returned from my weekly pharmacist stint as normal for me on a Sunday.  On the drive home, I tend to listen to various YouTube videos on self improvement, successful life and personal growth.  It fills me with inspiration for the week.  This week, I was listening to Les Brown.  This is the first time I have ever listened to him and he was pretty amusing and inspirational.

Take a look at the video if you get a free hour, it is cool.  Just listen in the background, it will certainly inspire you to greater heights.

Anyway, towards the end of the video, he says something along these lines

Life is a fight for territory; As soon as you stop fighting for what you want, what you do not want starts to take over.

That stuck with me, it really stuck with me.  He said a lot of great things in the video that got me thinking but this one stuck right out.

As we live our lives each and every day, every action, every choice changes the course of the day for good or for bad.  There really is no neutral choice.  There is no standing still, there is only going up or sliding slowly down.  We might want to think that by making no choice, nothing changes but actually that is not true.  Life continually changes.

For instance, every day, lots and lots of people make the choice to stick with a job they hate because they have to pay the bills, they have to make money somewhere somehow so if it means they do something that demeans them then so be it.

OK, well sometimes you do have to do some things that you hate but to do it FOREVER!!  With no plan to get out, no hope even to find another path!  It may seem that life remains the same but actually everyday you continue the job is another day that you tell yourself that you are not worth finding another path.  You are continually telling yourself you are not worth any more than this job you hate to do, you are telling yourself that you have no choice, that you are incapable of changing your life.  You are making yourself feel more and more hopeless.

Most people in this place fall into the ‘ain’t life hard?’ group. and they never live life, they never live to their full potential.  They willingly give over their life to the negative side.

Or what of ladies that stay in destructive, abusive relationships?  They have stopped fighting for themselves and for what they want and so the territory is won by the abuser who makes the ladies feel completely hopeless, helpless and worthless.

Fight for Territory

Life is a fight for territory

No one will fight for our life for us.  We must make a stand and refuse to give way to the negativity that can threaten to surround us.  We must open our hearts to life in fullness, the road may be tough for a season but if we can just battle for our future, imagine what legacy we can leave our children.  Imagine what our life could be if we just fight now against the inner voice that seeks to hold us back.

The biggest enemy we ever fight is with ourselves.  It is not usually with anyone else.  If we can face ourselves with courage and perseverance, make a new goal, dream a new dream and determine to walk towards it, then we can make the change we want in our life.

We can fight for territory and take the ground that gives us a better life than we thought possible.

Come on, gals… Let’s go for it!


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