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Lets talk about you and the life you are supposed to be living... 

You have always known that you are born to make a difference... 

To influence and change lives for the better... 

You have a purpose, a calling, a deep desire to help people...

You also want to travel, to explore, to live to the fullness of your potential...

You have created what most would call a great life...


It feels like the wrong life for you...

This is not where you thought you would be by now...

You thought you would be freer

More fulfilled

And definitely experiencing more abundance

Something is not quite working for you...

And there is a hunger for something more...


Let's talk, one on one... and we will...

- -> distil out what you really want and what will truly fulfil you

- -> Identify what inner obstacles stand in the way of living your life's purpose prosperously

And you will

- -> leave this free consultation with crystal clear clarity and also, reinspired to live the life you actually desire 

And if it is a fit, I will suggest how we can continue to work together going forward. 


This is not for the dabblers, looky-loos or anyone unwilling to invest TIME, ENERGY AND MONEY in their own life. I am very blunt and will absolutely call you out if it feels like you are fighting for your limitations. 

The investment starts at $577. Please only come on the call, if you are sure that you are ready to invest in yourself. We may choose not to, if we are not a fit but be willing to take action on the call if we decide to go ahead.

It takes commitment & determination to create a highly successful life and profitable online business doing what you love, changing lives and serving those you are called to, so this CLARITY CONSULTATION is not for those who are still sitting on the fence waiting for another 'word from the Lord'... or something. 

It is for those ready now to do what it takes to make more of a difference and create an exciting income WHILE LIVING TO THEIR TRUE DESIGN

Are you still interested?

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"While most people celebrate their birthdays by taking the day off, I was fortunate to be exposed to the impact of the mastermind herself, Rosemary sharing her gift of insight, expertise and strategic planning.  

I left our complimentary consultation with the tool of information to immediately implement into my business with a clear plan for success. I would recommend that any person that desires to be great in the marketplace invest their time with a conversation and apply the plan and enjoy the results. I was given a life changing program name that will revolutionize my business and I have you to thank."  

Z. Moss  

"Being coached by Rosemary was an extraordinary experience for me. Rosemary was able to listen to all of the debate and chatter that had been going on in my mind for months. She was able to understand where I had been stuck and to help me pinpoint exactly what I did want from the next stage of my life. I thoroughly recommend coaching with Rosemary."  

L Reid

Rosemary Nonny Knight

From Rosemary Nonny Knight, Author of 12 books, Speaker, Entrepreneur & Prosperity Mentor To Spiritual Mavericks Who Want To Make Their Mark on The Planet!

November 2018

The first thing to know is that I am all about freedom! What does that mean? 

Freedom from yuk relationships – Family, friends, intimate relationships, the whole shebang 

Freedom from yuk careers – If it no longer feels good then why keep doing it? 

Freedom from rules about your sexuality and how you play that out – This is so critical if you are a leader, you need your creativity and that arises from a free sexuality and the ability to love all of you, whatever that means to you. 

Freedom from conventional rules about how your whole life should play out – If you are anything like I used to be, you feel pretty constrained by people’s agendas and expectations of you. And you may have always felt you had to live that way but NOPE, you don’t! 

Freedom from your past – How you began is definitely not how you have to end… 

Freedom to follow your calling, whatever that is 

Freedom to impact as many or as few people as you want wherever you are in the world… 

Freedom to start your own business and make as much money as you want… 

Freedom to travel and see more of the world in which you live… 

 I used to be a pharmacist, slowly feeling my life force drain away as I did work that did not make me come alive. Finally, I stepped up after hitting rock bottom (Bankruptcy and depression) and chose to start a business and make it successful instead of all the dabbling I had done in the past. It worked! and still works – I completely quit pharmacy a few years ago. 

And then I started to work with men and women from all over the world enabling them to create life & business the way they want it. 

 Working with me means you get the benefit of my experiences of living in both Africa and the UK, of dragging myself up from the depths of debt & bankruptcy into running successful business & living a fulfilled life, of facing physical and emotional abuse, of my deep and very intimate connection to the Divine – This enables me to speak with insight into your situation and shake you up ready to take on any challenges in your world and WIN! 

I pull no punches, I may be spiritual but I am VERY practical too and I will be straight with you and your life will change as a result. There is no holding back, I do whatever I need to do to bring transformation to your life. 

Much Amazing Love!


I work with spirit-driven entrepreneurs, professionals and creatives on 2 key areas…  

  • Clarify your life's purpose, goals and vision - YOUR TRUE DESIGN
  • Help you transition into your true design life and online business deliberately - This is the only way to live free, fulfilled and financially abundant. The transition may be from a career or business or you may already have begun but feel you need support to move forward faster.

This will mean handling any self-sabotaging behaviours and beliefs that stop you, putting clear plans in place, holding you accountable to do the physical work, championing you when no one in your world understands the transition you are going through and also, connecting powerfully to Source 

It all starts with this FREE CLARITY Consultation, which lasts about 30-45 minutes.