There is a tightness within your chest

It is almost always there

You may have even wondered if it is a physical condition

Wondered if your heart needs looking at…

Except it fades in and out from time to time so there is a part of you that knows that it is not physical… currently

It is tension

It is anxiety

Even your shoulders are in a permanently tight hold as well, aren’t they?

Release them right now…

Take a deep breath and let go as you breathe out

Go on, do it before you forget

And yes, you will have to get into the habit of loosening up because you have learnt how to do life tense all the time…

And this ball in your chest is there because low-level anxiety has become a way of life for you

You, the leader that desires and feels called to sooooo much

You, the fighter who will do whatever it takes to get what you desire

You are always slightly out of your body

Always reaching into the future

Trying to be ‘there’ now

Come on back

All good things start HERE, not there…

Connect again to your Source – Do whatever you do to feel that connection

I like to center & ground myself with a few deep breaths – To remind myself that I am here, right now and it is all good.

Whisper to yourself as you take a few deep breaths

“I am here and here is good”

Be very present

Focus in on the ball in your chest

Feel it

Love it

Continue to whisper the words

“I am here and HERE is good”

I personally like to picture myself sitting on Papa’s lap surrounded by love as well.  It reminds me that there is nothing I cannot face so no need to always be ‘there’.  Here is good.

And you will feel the ball begin to dissolve

Energy will start to flow again allowing for more of your good to come to you more easily

Do this many many times until it becomes second nature to you

And before you go, it will help to have a community around you of leaders all moving forward powerfully.

Come join the DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE pathway


The world awaits your awakening

Much Amazing Love

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