Let’s Consider the Ripple Effect…

By February 3, 2014My Journey

You have dreams!

You have Ideas!

You have ambitions.

You can see the problems!  Inside you have solutions and yet…

the ripple effect - business buliding

And yet, you are not completely committed to the process.  Yes, I know you think you are but there seems to be some doubt surrounding your decision.  And that doubt means you get stuck every time you take a little step forward.

That doubt keeps telling you that you just need to go back to your old job and give up this dream of a business.  Even though you have seen some success with your business, you are almost certain that you have peaked now.  So though you keep going, your results start to reflect what is going on in your mind.

The permanent fear that it will all come toppling down, the permanent feeling that you should be doing better than this by now.  Together, these internal feelings begin to cause the ripple effect to work against you.

Little by little, you obey the doubt in your head which gives you some crazy result which you then perpetuate by doing another silly thing.  Instead of face the fear head on, you keep reacting and making things worse.  The ripple widens and widens until the expected implosion happens.

All negative, I know but never forget that the ripple effect can work FOR you as well!

ripple effectYou feel the fear, you stop, you take a breath, you relax and choose not to react.

You feel the fear, you start to journal out what is going on in your head, you wait, you breathe, you read it over and recognise the fear.

You send off an email to your coach, your mentor, an objective eye and ear to draw out the best in you; not the fear, not the doubt but the best self that you see in moments of triumph and clarity.

And then, you get down to the practical things – your marketing, your sales, your figures, your conversion ratios – the things that do not lie.  And you consider the less tangible thing – Your Mindset and how it is affecting you.

And, little pebble by little pebble, you make a change.  You stay focused on the things you can control, rather than the imaginary hands waiting to punish you.

You open your hand, You let go of the fear you hold so close to you, You let go of some more seeming certainty and You take another step out of your comfort zone into the dark place that you have never been before.  This time however, you know, you are not alone in it.

Where you cannot see your best self, where you cannot see the ripple effect of each move you make, the objective eye is right beside you, cheering you on, keeping you clear, enabling you to be all you were created to be.

Just like for athletes, the gifting, the capability is already there, it just needs to be coaxed out by an attentive coach.  And you, business person extraordinaire, you just need to be called out.  Called out so you do not settle for mediocrity as a result of your fear – Called out so you can BE ALL YOU ALREADY ARE!

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