Let’s Analyse Some Marketing Strategy Examples

Marketing Strategy Examples

That is the front page of a 4 page booklet brochure thing 🙂 that dropped in my letter box this morning.  It is one of many marketing strategy examples we are all exposed to each and every day.

The first thing that popped out to me is the eye-catching image of mum and daughter – The chances are that mums at home with kids will see this and it will make them feel like they want this to be their life – Can you see the joy in their faces?

They then have a headline which is ‘Low Weekly Payments’ and again, as this company is trying to renting out appliances and furniture, they are leading with the benefit that makes the biggest difference to their prospects.

They then go on to have their unique selling points or their guarantees which enables their clients to feel safe buying from them.

  • All Circumstances Considered – Possibly they are targeting people with bad credit
  • 72 Hour Delivery – Possibly they are targeting people who want it as soon as possible
  • No Deposit – Again, they are targeting people who do not have a lump sum
  • Somethng for Everyone – Again, trying to pull people who may think they could not have the latest TV etc.

These are possibly the most important issues for the people that buy from them.

MArketing Strategy ExamplesHere on the back sheet, they list again their guarantees and they attract people towards their site.

The thing is that they make a lot of money from giving people the low weekly payments as you can see from the almost 50% interest they are getting and yet, for the right targets, it is perfect.

They can have the lastest gadget for a minimal payment and this is precisely what they want.

So how can you apply this to your own marketing material?

What do your prospects actually want to know?  Ask yourself this question and make a list of the benefits to them.  This is not about the benefits you think they want.  What do they really want?

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Marketing Strategy Examples

And this is where you end up if you go through to their site.  This is pretty savvy marketing because they realise that lead generteion is key so prominently, there is the sign-up box with again, the happy daughter and mum.

Smaller payments, bigger brands – Another way of quickly mentioning about their unique selling point.

If you scroll down on the page, you do get linked to the rest of the site so I imagine, the subscriber rate may be a bit less than it would be if they had just a lead generation site but it certainly is better than a lot of the sites out there.

So, consider how this could work in your business?  Do not give into the idea that your business is different – you can make this work for you too.

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