Let your passion lead you to wealth

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Let your passion lead you to wealth

Yes, I get it.

It seems impossible to create wealth doing only what you want to do and so days go by and you keep creating a life you don’t want.

You tell yourself that one day, you will do all you want to do in all areas of life.  You will take the holidays, you will write that book, you will help those young people, you will work with charities to save women in sexual slavery,



Never now…

Sometime in the future…

Never Now…

You forget that all you have is now.

You bank all your hopes on that future, you pray that these years are just a stepping stone to your dreamt-of future and all the while you are stuck here, overwhelmed with the daily tasks and keeping your head above water.

Paddling swiftly and looking good while you do it but ultimately going in the wrong direction.

Why not now?

Why not today?

Why do you think tomorrow is so certain?

You have always made things happen so why will you not give yourself the chance today to make your tomorrow hopes a reality starting now.

It is not that you find this kind of thing difficult, either. If it was someone else’s thing, you would have given it your attention, you would have helped them make it happen and yet, now, it is your passion, your dream and somehow, it just seems impossible. It seems impractical; it seems out of reach and you, of course have responsibilities…

No time for frivolity in your life.

And there are all the gurus who are split down the middle. Some tell you that it is impractical to try to make money from what you love to do and there are others who tell you that it is absolutely possible and to do it any other way is just stupid.

You are uncertain whom to believe.

You did not get where you are without its fair share of drama and the idea of trying to start again from what seems like scratch is just plain scary. Not that you tell yourself that. Oh no… You make it sound sensible and reasonable.

Your choice, I suppose.

If this is what you want to do with your life, then more power to you.

This is one thing the gurus get right…

Whatever you choose is hard work.

Whichever way you choose to create a life and/or business for yourself will demand a lot from you unless you decide to coast and you are not that kind of person. You go full out on whatever you commit to. And if you are currently bored, it is because you really have lost all passion for what you are currently doing.

Man, is this really how you want to spend your time?

Did you hear what I said? It is hard whichever you choose to go – Whether you choose to create wealth from what you are passionate about or whether you don’t.

So why not choose you?


And this is the thing, if you really allowed yourself to go all the way, you would go so much faster doing something that you want to do rather than something you do not want to do.

And something else you need to realize is that your passion makes a way for you. If you master your passion, your strengths and you put them out in the marketplace, it is impossible to go unnoticed.

But you have to commit to it.

No half hearted efforts and no thought of ‘Plan B’.

You jump in with all of your energy…

You cannot keep trying to keep one foot in safety and security and your other foot tentatively trying something different.

There is no room for that kind of half-heartedness.

Yes, you will have people saying all kinds of crazy things to you about what you can or cannot do and it will all be based on your past. Surely you know that your past does not determine your future.

You may have created a name for you in a certain field in a certain job but does that mean you cannot do it elsewhere as well? In something you are actually passionate about.

And something you choose to focus your energies on…

The choice is yours.

You have dabbled at doing this for years…

When will you allow yourself to begin?

You and I know that that career/business you are sticking to like flint is just not working. You will never get rich that way, NEVER!

Redirect your efforts…

Redirect your efforts…

Stop with the dabbling at many a thing looking for the sure thing that will work in two seconds flat! Instead, COMMIT to making your passion work, WHATEVER IT TAKES!


There is no half way house – Surely you see that now. There is no half way house.

You are in or you are out.

Yes, you may have to work two jobs for a season to make it happen…

But you have To KNOW where your full attention is going to be placed. Because this dabbling thing you do just makes everything take longer and nothing ever really works and in a few years time, you will still be here dreaming, wishing, planning dabbling but getting nothing done.


Wake up!

Put your awesomeness to work!

In a way that feels good to you…

IN a way that you were designed for…

Stop delaying.

Get to work!

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