Those resentments you hold on to…

Those painful memories that determine your next move…

That desire to hide away from the world and all people…

It is time to let it go…

You think that they SHOULD love you…

You think that THEY should treat you better…

And you keep putting yourself in their pathway, expecting it all to be different…


You are allowing them to take up too much of your mind

And you are allowing them to dampen out your spirit, your energy, your light!


I know it is easier said than done…

I knwo you feel like it is your right to expect it

But do you want to win at life or not?

Because holding on to them is like deliberately hitting your head on the wall, hoping that one day, it will break…

The chances are, you will break first.


Say these words with me

“I love You

I am sorry

Please Forgive me

Thank You”

Say them repeatedly…

No, you do not say it to them…

You say it to the Divine as you intentionally choose to let these people and memories go

Wipe the slate clean.

Begin afresh…


You are here with a mission, a mandate on your life…

And while you are in bondage to them, you do not get to live out your real life

The life you long for.

One of freedom, fulfilment, abundance and love

One of prosperity in every area


Will ya?

It is time for you to be free?

Go on, say the words repeatedly

Let them clean you

Let them clear you

“I love You

I am sorry

Please forgive me

Thank You”

You do not need to understand everything…

Just say the words


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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight

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