Let the light in! – Setting Up a Business that Succeeds

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What if you have believed a lie? What if most of the stuff in your head is a falsehood brought on by past perceptions of other experiences? What if the seed of unlimited success is within you if you would just let the light in?

Let the Light In Setting up a Business

Sarah is an interior designer with a dream in her heart of building a business doing what she loves.

She used to work for a big firm that worked with a lot of builders and created homes that sold the moment clients cast their eyes upon them.  She loved the act of creation.  She loved producing homes that made people happy.  She loved picking out colours, choosing wallpaper, creating a vision in her head that was then made physical by the people she worked with.

She was amazingly creative and she knew it.  However, since starting this business thing on her own, she was doing less of what she loved and she really could not see a way to living her dream in its fullness.

She had dreamt up this business a few years ago when she was considering having children.  She wanted to create something that would enable her to work hours around her new family.  She planned her dream about 4 years ago and shared it with her partner who, though he tried to be supportive, could not see how Sarah with no business experience would be able to create a business that made money.  On the face of it, he kept saying encouraging things but both Sarah and he knew that it was only lip service.

She mentioned it to her family, they too just said what she wanted to hear but there was a certain amount of doubt in her capability to pull it off.

So was it any surprise then that her business was slightly uninspiring?

She actually started the business after giving birth to her first child.  And now 3 years since the beginning of the business, she was really broke.  Her partner kept asking her to return to real work.  Her extended family looked on with barely concealed fear for her and she herself felt stressed with trying to prove to them that she could do this.

She really was considering handing in the towel.  She really was beginning to fell this whole business thing was only done by people more savvy and knowledgeable than her.

She felt like she was floundering in the dark.

She had read the books and tried to implement what she could but there was no time to do it all so she did a bit of this and that and nothing seemed to work.

In the still of the night, while she lay awake worrying and feeling overwhelmed, she wondered what she was missing. All her friends had differing opinions for her and it was getting increasingly difficult to find any sense of clarity in what she should try next.  She had even considered taking out a loan, after all if she could do some more advertising, maybe more people would take on her service.

Her partner however, vetoed this idea as he could not see how that would help.

She felt trapped between a business she loved and hated in equal measure.

She was considering the return to work as her government benefits were being cut by the reigning powers that be so she was beginning to feel that she was the cause of all her family’s difficulties.

This was not the life she wanted. 

This is however the life of some of the clients I deal with.  They have a dream business and on the face of it, they seem like entrepreneurs but inside they are stifled by a growing lack of intention because everything seems harder than they had envisioned.  They are stifled by a lack of the right action because again they are so overwhelmed with the day to day running of a barely ‘making it’ business that they are unable to see the right steps to take.

They just keep doing the same things over and over!

Is this you? See you on Thursday as Sarah’s story continues – How she begins to let the light in.

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