I wrote that line in my journal this morning as I reconnected with Papa on waking…

And it jumped out at me as something to blog about…

I think it speaks for itself or should I say, I hope it does

Because I am not quite sure where to take it, to be honest.

I think it is a message for you…

the determined hardworker…

The one who feels as though you have no choice but to work yourself into the ground as you try to get by…

So completely subscribed to the hardness of life, are you…

But what if you are the only thing in your own way?

What if your commitment to working your socks off is blocking money from flowing to you?

What if you are simply getting what you expect?

You can expect things to come a little easier, or maybe even a lot easier…

You do always get what you expect and it really does work both ways…

If you can expect and receive the hard life

You can expect and receive the easy life too

You can make an internal decision not to keep doing things you do not want to do, for money…

You are a spiritual person, after all…

you know that there is more to this life than meets the eye…

the idea of an unlimited prosperity supply resonates as truth with you…

And you could learn to tap into it, just like you learnt to read, write and do whatever awful work you are doing right now.

Or you can stay on your current broad path…

Working, working, working

For very little reward

the choice is yours

You can continue to be the only thing in your own way…

OR you could put yourself into the flow of Divine supply…

What will it be?

Ready to learn?

Join the waiting list for BORN TO BE PROSPEROUS – The 8 week program to raise your wealth consciousness, open up to more prosperity and allow life be easy, rich and fulfilling – at RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/borntobeprosperous

We will cover…


This will take 2 weeks where we, like gardeners, will be preparing the soil. Most go straight into shouting ‘I AM’ this and ‘I AM’ that, which is great if it is working for you. But for us, in this community who have been through interesting challenges, it takes more than just planting a seed. The ground must be tilled and worked and ready to receive your birthright.

And already, you will start to receive exciting happenings as you do this tilling, preparation work. This is the part where you fully reconnect with the Divine as well


Lets get clear on what you are here to do – It is in your true design that the best experience of prosperity will arise. No more do you need to settle for things that you think you have to have. Get clear on your true self so that you are living to your true design. Suffering from poor health? it could be because you are on the wrong path for you. Let’s begin getting you healed through and through.


Now let’s get aggressive about handling the nonsense from the past. Learn simple strategies to get rid of things that hold you back. No more will you self-sabotage without even knowing it. No longer will the past determine your future. Take back control.

MODULE 4 – STOP THE REPULSION & DO THE MONEY WORK There is a law of attraction and a law of repulsion that are at playing your life whether you like it or not. This part is particularly focused on money because whether you like it or not, it affects everyone. And in fact, if you have an issue with dealing with your money, whatever great sounding reasons you may have, the chances are you NEED THIS PART! Sometimes, spiritual people try to pretend that they are not motivated by money but then I look at their life and practically everything they do is influenced by how much money they do or do not have. How crazy! It is time to stop the self-deception and get this stuff handled!

You will not be able to fulfil the calling on your life, even if it is simply to be a great parent, if you are concerned about a lack of finance. HANDLE IT!


There are special super powers that we all have and in this module, you will learn how to use them to bring the future into the present. How to change your identity to become someone who has it all and how to receive swift miracles.



There is always action to take. In these last 2 modules, we look at the main areas of prosperity that I support people in handling and get you sorted out from the inside out. We will look at specific internal strategies to ensure you get the best out of yourself and your life on this planet and we will also look at specific external little known external secrets to ensure that you are combining your mind and body together for best results fast.

No longer do you need to be confused about what to do to experience true prosperity

And also, you will experience all of this…

? Overcome and release old conditioned nonsense that keeps you trapped in struggle and overwhelm and uncertainty, fear, lack.

? Ensure that you receive a quick manifestation of all that you desire and how to KNOW what to do each time you decide to bring something new into the world

? Contact the Divine confidently and get answers to your questions as well as assurance that your vision really is your permission and you need no longer hold back

? Handle your lack of belief after years and years of not seeing what you thought you would see by now

? Discover the simple principles that you have not been utilising to get real results, you thought it was all hard work and no play and now, you will learn the missing piece and how to make it work for you.

? Shift your identity from someone who expects things to be tough, from someone who always seems to have to work harder than others to get anything. BECOME the ‘lucky’ one that turns everything you touch to gold

? Build a life based on what you DESIRE to do, rather than what you feel you HAVE TO do to get by.

? Expect the best and get the best when it comes to how you live, how people treat you and how supported you feel on a day to day basis

? Create affirmations that actually work, rather than keep repeating the same old redundant words that get you absolutely nowhere

? CERTAINTY: Knowing what you desire and exactly what to do to get it in all areas of life

? How deliberate people in this community who have been through a lot, like you, can get through those roadblocks from the past and claim the life that is yours. We did not come to this place easily and so there are some deeply lodged hurts that need special work in order to overcome them.

? Fully own who you already KNOW you are born to be but you think you have to keep earning your way up and so, you keep putting your life on hold as you support others in pursuing their goals and visions, waiting for your turn. I say ENOUGH! This 8 weeks together will change all that for you.

? Clearing techniques to help you release pains form the past, excess weight, horrid relationships and anything that you know needs to go but you have struggled to release before

? How to drop the old patterns that keep playing out in your life, different faces and yet, the same old, same old situation.

? How to KNOW, absolutely DEFINITELY know that you can have everything and exactly how you can avail yourself of it all

So, if you are a determined person who is fed up with just getting by and is now ready to live a more prosperous existence in all areas of life, pop over to RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/borntobeprosperous

Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight

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