Your past mistakes stifle you.

They make you think that you have to be so careful not to make the same mistake again and again…

And yet, honey, that very same fear keeps you from experiencing all of life.  It keeps you stuck in a safe place but far away from all the big wins that you want to experience.

the big wins happen when you dare to come on out of your safe little box.

I get that the mistakes scared you!

they would me too

And yet, you must understand that you are not alone in the fear, you are not the only one to experience what you have experienced.

Learn the lessons but don’t let the experience(s) tame you, honey!

It is time to wake up again.

Time to own your greatness again.

Time to believe in you again.

Stop holding back!

Stop identifying with the past as though it is something yuo have to hold onto forever.

Let it go!

It was a part of your joourney, it made you a little stronger but now take that strength and go more powerfully after what you really want.


Don’t let the fear win!

YOU are winner!

And you can win whatever you set your mind to.

It is time to wake up again.

To dust yoruself off again.

To see just how shrouded in fear you have become.

Let it go!

Start to ask for what you want again…

Start to boldly say the things yuo want to say again.

Start to do what you want to do again!

Take off the shackles that bind you to a past existence.

Yes, it may seem easier said than done but when you start, ONCE YOU START, it will get easier and easier to do as well as say.


You are born winner!

A few blips do not a whole life make…

The choice to keep moving forward, despite the blips, is where success lies…

To keep picking yourself up time and time again – That is how you reach success…

No one escapes pain…

Everyone makes mistakes…

Some bigger than yours, some smaller.

The winners pick themselves up and step up to the plate again and again.

For a while, it will seem like they are gluttons for punishment – That is how you feel sometimes, isn’t it?  You wonder why you cannot just stop and be like a norm, happy to settle for a ‘less-than’ life…

You wonder why you keep admiring those who keep pushing forward…

It is because inside of you is that ability to do exactly that and you long to be that person – that fearless, daring erson who just keeps pushing forward!

Allow yourself to forget the past, to leave it behind you and just move forward, one step at a time,  creating a whole new future.

You are born for more.

It is inevitable that you will overcome more than most…

So don’t let the pain define you

Dust it off

Move forward

Some days, big steps forward…

Other days, it feels like you are stuck in mud but you still take little steps, anyway.

Create your way out of pain.

Focus on the life you choose to create

Do the work to make it so.

Do it every freaking day

And one day, you will look back and realise that everything you dreamt of, is now here!

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Much Amazing Love

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