What a breath of fresh air it is to let go of that which is not you and has never been you.

What a sense of freedom to just release it and stop holding on so tightly to a life that has never worked but that you felt you had to hold on to.

No one can tell you just how freeing it is to just let go, until you do and so, I see you holding on desperately to what you think is a sure thing but it is killing you.

Draining your life force.

Making you feel depressed and sad.

But still you hang on, for dear life.

Oh you poor poor person.

When will you stop pushing so hard to maintain a life you do not even want anymore?

It may have served its purpose for a season but that season is passed and now, it is just hard and tough and yuk to keep staying doing the same stuff that you do not want to do, being the person you do not want to be, having stuff you do not even want anymore.


Let go.

Stop holding on so tight.



Seriously, it is crazy to watch you, telling yourself stories of what you have to do in order to live a ‘good’ life.

You have all these rules.

They were all imposed upon you by someone else but you just refuse to question them because you are scared of the blank.

The place where you follow your intuition and act on faith without knowing every step that you have to take – You like knowing everything and so, it seems you would rather stick with a life you hate that seems certain than move into a life you love that you are not sure of.

And yes, honestly, I cannot give you assurances that everything will be immediately perfect when you surrender to your true design.Β  I just know it will be awesome at some point and I also know that it will go from bad to worse, if you do not surrender before you are pushed by the Universe into the life you really do want.

So simplify now.

Let go now.

Be all you can be now.

The life that you will create will make this one seem so puny, you will wonder why you held on for so long.


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Much Amazing Love

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