Learning to choose my thoughts with care

Life is like a box of chocolates or so they say.  What do you say?  Is it really?  The thing about boxes of chocolate is that you never quite know what you might get UNLESS you take a look at the little booklet that tells you the consequences of eating each one.  The other thing I am beginning to learn is that my life is made up of a collection of thoughts, I need to choose my thoughts well and with care and I suffer or enjoy the consequences of each thought.choose my thoughts   The truth is, I am always working on my thoughts.  I recognise a propensity towards defeatist thinking and know that I need to keep it in check at all times or else I give in to the dark side.  What of you?  What is life like in your brain?  I decided this year to focus a lot of energy on improving the workings of my mind.  I have been reading a whole lot of material to support this aim.

This year, I have discovered writers like Wayne Dyer, Benjamin Leppier, Les Brown; Also, I carry on reading and listening to people like Jim Rohn, Anthony Robbins, Zig Ziglar and more.  These are people who really cut through some of the fluff we come up with, the excuses we use to live at a lower level.

change my thoughts4The thing is none of this is easy.  For years, you and I have thought thoughts at a really low level and we may blame our circumstances, our parents, our environment, pastor, politicians but until we are ready and willing to confront ourselves, we will never really start to grow.  There are great reasons, GREAT reasons to be depressed, sad etc but really we choose.  In the past, I decided to choose my thoughts with less care than I should have.

I am determined to change the trend of that.  I am even now seeing changes in my life that I would never have thought possible just 3 years ago.  We live in a world full of opportunity, we live in a world with limitless possibilities; To think any different is an abuse of the One who created it all for our enjoyment.  I choose to live a huge big life and I am willing to count the cost to do that.  I am giving up all I have known and all I had in order to be free to gain a  bigger prize.  You know what, even if the prize is not amazing, it can not be any worse than living a diminished life because I choose my thoughts without any care.

change-my thoughts 2Join me on this path to expansion.

This evening, I was speaking to a friend who has spent a great deal of time pursuing a goal that seemed to go nowhere.  I admire the guts and determination that it took to carry on pursuing something that was pointless but I feel sad about the fear that kept this person striving for a goal they could not reach.  Fear that they could not do anything else so they kept pushing and pushing for something that was just not going to happen.  This too is a result of stinking thinking.

On the face of it, this person seemed persistent and resolved but underneath all that was the inner chatter telling them they could do nothing else.  This was it for them or so they thought.

change-my thoughtsI say it is never too late to choose a different path.  Everything that has happened to you (good or bad) has brought you to this moment and makes you the strong person that you are, if you would just think a new thought.  I believe it and I want to believe it forever.  I determine to choose my thoughts with care and live a higher life. Join me!

I would love to hear from you!  I would truly appreciate it if you left a comment below.  What are your thoughts like?

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