1. You Actually Show Up

This weak impression of yourself that you are currently indulging in, is not sufficient.

You are not a marketer, you are a leader, a champion and no one knows it because you hide!

You hide behind your brand, your logo, your company name, your perfectly professional blog posts, your perfect appearance, your pretty website, the appearance of having it all together on social media…

Your perfect updates – Not very regular but when they do show up, they are perfect…

So perfect in fact, that no one can relate to them…

Something does not ring true…

Something feels unattainable and so, most people walk away…

They doubt you…

They doubt what you have to say…

They cannot put a finger on it…

They click ‘like’ but they move on to the real leader next door and they buy from them…

Thanks for warming them up…

But no one buys from you because no one sees you!

You have never actually shown up!

2. You take the limits off

You have big, BIG ideas and BIG goals but you are not following through…

Instead, you are aiming for the obvious goals, the smaller goals, the ones you think you can maybe get…

They do not excite you and we can all see that.  There is no fire in your delivery, there is no passion when we see you…

You are uninspired and we are uninspired…

And so, though we kinda like you, we don’t buy from you!

And so success gets delayed…

The abundance that is your birthright is just one little step away but it could be a world away for you because you just cannot reach it.

You are born to think bigger than big! Why would you limit yourself and only do what you think is possible?

You are created to prove to the world that nothing is impossible so why settle?

You are like me, with the monster huge dreams and goals – We are RICH!



So why pretend to be this small person?!

Yes, I get it…

The dreams we dream are HUGE!!!

And pretty darned SCARY!

And for a long time there, we lived passively…

Fearful of the huge-ness of our vision!

But surely, it is time to be done with that!

Surely you can hear the cry of the people you are called to serve!

Surely, it is stirring you up to do whatever it takes to reach them…

Surely, the wealth you really do want to create is enough of an incentive to show up powerfully!

Surely, surely, SURELY!!!

3. You Totally Accept Yourself & You Choose To Love All People

That underlying feeling of shame about who you are…

It has got to go!

How on earth do you expect to lead anyone if you feel unworthy and inherently evil?

There are two parts to this one…

Firstly Leader, everything that happened to you in the past, is in the past…


Forgive yourself, forgive THEM and move forward…

Easier said than done, I know!

And yet, do you want your life to permanently be defined by an event or events in your past?

By people who hurt you and abused you?!!

Do you really want that to be your life story forever?!

Do you want THEM to be the constant theme of your life?!

Come on now, Leader!  You are born for great things and in some ways, it has meant you have faced so much more than others will ever have to face.

And whether you like it or not, it has equipped you to do the work you are born to do…

And though you hate the memories of your past, they really have moulded you and made you stronger than ‘norms’ and that can be a thing to celebrate or…

It can be a thing that you use as a crutch and an excuse forever…

Which will it be?

And no, leader, you cannot avoid it altogether!

Because though you pretend that there is nothing to handle, it still infects your every action or inaction!

It still holds you back…

Ignorance may be bliss for ‘norms’ but it is not bliss for us who want to conquer things…

It is not bliss for us who deliberately choose to be millionaires…

It is not bliss to us who have a huge call and mission to fulfill!

No, honey, you have to deal head-on with your internal hold-backs or else you condemn yourself to a lifetime of struggle!

And though, your desire to be rich need not be connected to your self-acceptance, you connect it!

You make the fact that you feel unworthy somehow mean that you cannot do the work you feel called to do!

That you cannot be rich because you are unworthy!

Please look around you and see all the really wealthy people, are they all perfect?!


They just accepted that they were who they were and got to work designing life the way they wanted it!

They love themselves enough to get what they want!


OK, so I KNOW you cannot ever switch off that internal need to love people and that is great…  You don’t have to!

But you do have to get a whole lot more deliberate about refusing to allow your own crazy hang-ups about who you are, your sexuality or even your spirituality be the reason that you do not do the work you are born to do.

Yes, you do some things ‘wrong’…

So what?

It has absolutely nothing to do with whether you can get rich or not!

Unless you make it matter…

Unless your inability to forgive and love yourself, make it mean something!

It means nothing!

Nothing at all in the grand scheme of ‘receiving wealth’ things…

And yes, of course, you want to get all that internal stuff handled and I can certainly help you with that while we make you some money – but it is not a factor in your eventual wealth.

It just is not!

Unless you make it one!

And you do not have to anymore!

You can just decide that you want to change a lot of lives and make a lot of money and everything else be damned!

You can make that choice!

And then refuse to let your hang ups about you, or some events from the past be a factor anymore!


And remember this, Loving all people does not mean you have to like all people!

You just make a choice to create the life you want serving the people you want to serve and basically, polarizing everyone else!

That way, you get to wake up, do your thing with people you like! as well as love!

And the whole polarizing thing happens when you ACTUALLY SHOW UP!


4. You Stop Allowing Money To Tame You!

So, there you are, looking at your bank balance and allowing it to determine how you show up or even if you show up!

I mean seriously, Leader!


The numbers in your bank account scare the living daylights out of you and so you do exactly the thing that will cause it to get worse.  You withdraw from support, you avoid looking at it, you start showing up in the marketplace even more tamely…

YOu try even more to blend in because you ‘need’ them to pay you money…

YOu ‘need’ anyone to pay you money and you are willing to dance to any tune to get it from them!

You stop showing up powerfully thinking that you are polarizing everyone (Which is exactly what you need to do!)

and you start limiting yourself based on your bank balance!

And so you get everything you expect! NOTHING!


And then you start feeling even worse about yourself for being unable to get your act together and make your business work…

And so, again you make it all worse…

Because you allowed an inanimate object to tame you!

You say silly things like “I will get that coach when I am making more money!”

Yes well, Good luck with that!

That is like hiring the cleaner after you have cleaned the house…

Yes, honey, it is stupid!

How committed are you to doing the work you are born to do?

Committed enough to get support that will keep your head in the right place?

Committed enough to polarize all the wrong people quickly so you reach the right people?

Committed enough to say what you mean and what needs to be said rather than what you think masses want to hear?

YOU are on MISSION and you keep letting money control you!

My clients and I spend everything on fulfilling our mission…

WE refuse to let money stop us, even when things are tight…

WE figure out how to get more money to do the work we have to do!

WE figure out how to leverage our time and turn that into more money!

And yes, it is freaking scary at times!

So scary in fact, we wonder if we are plain stupid, deluded, addicted and crazy and STILL, we keep moving forward!

Because we will not let money be the determinant in our life!

We are called to greatness and nothing is allowed to stop us!

5. You Stop Trying To Make Everyone Accept You

Leader, the peeps in your current life may not get you or accept you or understand you or even continue to like you!

They may want you to remain in a little old box that makes them feel all happy and glad to know you with no regards for your pain at being made to play so small!

And YOu may tell yourself that you love them and that it would be too selfish for you to do what you feel called to do…

You may continue to limit yourself, using them as your excuse…

After all they are your loved ones, you reason…

You have to put them first before your own needs and desires, right?

It is the right thing to do, right?


It is NOT the right thing to do!

People who really love you, will love you with no conditions on their love.

And if you hold yourself back because of invisible conditions that you feel but do not speak of, then you will wake up one day and regret all the time you have wasted being someone you are not!

You will never please them…

You will feel resentful of all the invisible demands on you…

And it will be your fault!

Totally and completely a decision you made at some point to play small in order to make them happy!

Leader, choose happiness for you AND your loved ones…

It is possible!

And yep, some peeps will think you selfish but know that that just means you are not doing what they want!

And who said your whole life was to be about pleasing people?!

Stop thinking everyone has to accept you in order for you to win because they don’t!

You can be, do, have whatever you want, regardless of the opinions of a few people who decide to try and tame you!

Refuse to be tamed!

You are warrior!


Sexy, powerful Leader!

You are not a hamster to be given a wheel to run around with!

You are done with boxes and cages and anything like that – Be it called a religious organisation, a job or a stifling family tradition!

You are LEADER!

Now stand up and LEAD, for goodness sake!

Success is inevitable!

Success is inevitable!



Now claim it!!!

I invite you to the ABUNDANCE LIBRARY.

Take back control of your money, your relationships and your mind.

Pop over to https://mibusiness.lpages.co/the-abundance-library/ to find out all the details.

Much Amazing Love

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