You forgot, didn’t you?

You forgot who you are when you are not trying to be what you think others demand of you…

You have buried the real you beneath layers and layers of nonsense and I want you back.

I know people told you that you are too much…

People told you to tone yourself down…

They could not handle the full power of you and so they tamed you.

They told you what to think, who to be, how to act, what to say, what to think and it never ever sat completely right with you but you thought that was just what you had to do, because whenever the real you popped up, people got offended.

It felt like you could only experience love when you were someone other than you — A tamed version of you!

And so you forgot that you are a leader worth following.

You followed instead.

And so I am here to remind you that you no longer need to be trapped by conventional thinking. You no longer need to toe the party line of your family, your religious organisation, your workplace or friends…


Freedom to rediscover and be who you are because surely, you KNOW that you will never do the real work that you feel called to do while you play small.

Yes, it makes the wrong people comfortable around you when you play small but they are not your people and you have known that for a while now. You cannot be yourself with them! And honey, as scary as it seems to leave behind all the familiar places to go find your true people, you must.


You feel like you are about to burst a lot of the time when you have to hold back, stifle yourself, pretend to think and be like all the regular people around you.

And every so often, you say or do something completely alien to them and they get offended, upset, fed up with you for being so different and so you stuff yourself back in the box.

Surely, you are done with that!

You deserve to be loved for who you are, not who you think you have to be.

You deserve to live a life doing the work you are born to do but that will never happen while you keep trying to toe the party line…

You deserve to be connected to Godwithout all the fear that you are unacceptable, as if a mistake was made when you were created!!!!

Be done with the rules, the conventions, the traditions that stifle your heart, your spirit — Time to wake up and be the leader worth following that you are.

When you are really you, your perfect people will find you — the ones you are called to serve and the ones you can do life with…

And then you will never need to be fake anymore — You can just lead from a place of fearless authenticity.

I know it seems harsh but BREAK EVERYTHING that causes you to be fake and false…

Rip off all the layers as fast as you can.

Don’t let it take too long, it is more painful that way — Just walk fast through the fire that burns off the dross rather than take very slow steps through it. Come out the other side as authentic powerful leader and start to do your real work.

Yes, it will feel tough (It is fire, after all)

People you thought loved you will show themselves up as regular people and it will hurt your heart as you realise they only loved you when you conformed…

But then you open a path for your real people to come through.

They see you when you are your most authentic self.

Be that person now.

Burn off the dross fast.

Be The Leader NOW!

You know that vision you have in your mind’s eye — BE THAT PERSON NOW!

There does not need to be a transitional period, you can just wake up and be you now.

Dare to be the maverick you know you have always been…

The independent thinker who questions things…

The one who does not just go with the regular-person flow…

The individual who stands out, just because you are you…

That is the leader worth following…


And after a transitionary period when you will probably doubt yourself and everything you stand for but if you will stay on the narrow path, your people will come.

You will be vindicated.

This is not a path that many can walk. There is way too much conditioning to defeat and most people do not have the courage to stay on course and defeat it. But you do because…



Come and build up your courage to be yourself.

Come and see that those things you keep hidden, are downloads from the Divine.

Come and leave behind the pain and the limiting beliefs of the past.

Come rise victorious in your true design life.

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Much Amazing Love

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