The Important Features of a Lead Magnet

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The Important Features of a Lead Magnet

You know you have to collect prospects, right?

You know that lead generation is a key part of running a successful business, right?

There is no room for not doing this on a daily basis.  Sometimes, it is as simple as figuring out who you can serve each day and other days, it is about getting a lot more strategic and giving people a reason to choose to work with you.  Having a free giveaway is a key part of this process.

And that is where the lead magnet comes into play.

By having something you can give to a prospect in exchange for their contact details is key to continually increasing the number of people you have the opportunity to serve each and every day.  Ok, so now you know why this is necessary but do you know the most important features of putting this together?

You might be surprised that it is not what you think it is and also, it is – Yes, I strive to confuse!

There are two key parts to the lead magnet and I will give you my opinion on what is more important than the other. Although, you will probably realise by the end that they are both important but at different stages of the game of collecting contact details from prospects.

The Headline

Yes, the headline is more important than you probably realise because if this does not grab the attention of your prospect then you are destined to never getting their contact details in the first place.  In some ways, what is in the lead magnet itself is irrelevant if you cannot get them to pay you any attention in the first place.  You need to make sure that it is scratching the itch of your prospects.

Do you know the thing that they want?  The one solution they are looking for?  The one question they are asking and wanting a solution to when it comes to your product and service.  And can you ensure that it is mentioned prominently in the title.

OK, so you are not going to be able to solve all their problems for free in your lead magnet but you can go some way to getting them a mini result that will help them see you in a good light.  Do not over promise with your headline but definitely offer some quick, easy solution in it.

The Content

Yes, this is important but if the headline is not compelling, they just will not see it.  SOmetimes, entrepreneurs get so caught up in trying to give everything they have into a lead magnet that people are not that likely to read anyway.  So, what is the point?

Focus on keeping it short and sweet and yet pack a punch in there because I would not want to give the impression that it is not important at all to provide value because the people who are likely to read this are likely to be the ones that are ready to buy something from you.  And if they go into the content of your lead magnet and they are underwhelmed then you have lost a sale.

Ultimately, you need to find a balance between what you offer in your lead magnet and the time it takes to create it.  You are unlikely to settle down with just one lead magnet, you may need more than one so therefore why not concentrate on getting the lead magnet out into the world serving people as soon as you possibly can.

OK, get to work.

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