Lead Generation: How To Create Lead Magnets Fast

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Lead Generation

You need something to generate leads into your business and that something is usually a piece of information that enables your prospects get a result that they want. The problem is trying to figure out what you can use as this lead magnet.

A lot of people who are trying to generate leads into their business take forever to create something that cause their people to pay them attention and this can really get in the way of their business goals if no one is regularly coming into their business.

You can get into the habit of regularly creating different lead magnets until you find one that actually works for your marketplace to use in your lead generation efforts and here is how you can do it.

1. Go where the people are

Have you defined your people? Do you know what your ideal client avatar looks like? If not, take a moment to choose a person. Stop waiting for perfection with this and just choose someone then ask yourself where this person will be. In this day and age, it is easy to find most people online and frankly, it may prove easier to you to select an ideal customer who is easily found online.Then go where they are and listen in to the conversations being had. Listen to what they want and how they want it. Ask the question yourself – “What will help you get x result?” and see what answers come back to you.

2. Gather The Information

Take all the responses given to you and pick one idea that you can run with quickly. Keep all the ideas as you may need to use them all so do not think that it is okay to settle for one lead magnet.Do a Google search and pick up some extra information to add to what you know. Decide on the format you will deliver it in and create it immediately. Do not overthink it.

3. Create a Landing Page

Pop over to Leadpages or set up a landing page on your website where your prospects can sign up for it if they so choose. Make sure you are able to measure response and make sure the headline is pretty amazing

4. Drive traffic to the Landing Page

Use social media, pay per click advertising, guest posting, whatever you can think of, to push people towards your landing page and see what the response is.

5. Get on with creating another one

Keep on creating new lead magnets and testing them until you find one that works. Do not buy into the lie that you only need one lead magnet. Trial different ideas as many times as you can until you start to get a flood of ideal clients and customers coming into your world.

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