How many things have you held back from, because of fear?

Fear of what others will think of you?

Fear of the conflict you think you will have to face?

Fear of everything going wrong?

Fear of losing and being the laughing-stock of the village?

Fear of not knowing what to do?

Fear of having to start again?

I see people stuck in fear when they are already in a bad situation and yet, the ‘devil’ they know continues to seem better than the one they don’t!

Fear is such a killer of dreams and Lives

Why indulge it?

You are not alone, you know…

the Divine really does have your back…

But you have to let go…

Let go of the crazy situation and open up to a better result…

How else can your good come to you, if you do not let go of the bad?

The thing about fear is that it cloaks your vision…

It makes you feel that there is nothing else you can do

It makes you feel helpless to change anything

But you are more powerful than that!

Start to recognise when this sense of helplessness is trying to take over and recognise it for what it is…


And fear is just a feeling!

It is not a real thing

It cannot kill you unless you let it by standing there like a deer caught in oncoming headlights…

And the truth is, IT STILL CANNOT KILL YOU!

It is a figment of your imagination…

Truly, it is.

Your imagination conjures up all these pictures of … what?!

That is what I want you to consider…

What do you think is the worst that can happen, if you break free of the fear and do something different?

What do you think will happen if your worst nightmare happens?

Consider it

Really think about it

I know you say you do not want to focus on the negative but let us be honest, YOU ALREADY ARE or else you would not feel stuck

So, do it deliberately…


So, maybe you are in debt, you may lose your house…

Do you have someone you could stay with temporarily until you sorted yourself out?


A parent, a reluctant friend or sibling?

I know it is not ideal but we are considering worst-case here

Or is there a shelter you can stay in?

Is this really insurmountable?

Be honest!

For you, it may be even better than this because you have equity in a beloved home that if you sold would leave you net worth positive and I understand you do not want to sell the home but this is just us facing worst-case here…

Again, I know it is not ideal but I need you to see that you can handle the worst case scenario…

And also, I want to shake you into purposeful action (not ‘headless chicken’ action) as you see what will happen if you continue to stay stuck in fear…

Because you either bring it about passively as you stay petrified

Or you get there deliberately as you try to solve the problem but things do not work out as fast as you would like…

But with the latter option, you become stronger, more versatile and more able to turn your fortunes around and very probably, avoid the worst case all together…

Whereas with the former passive option, you really do become stuck and feel like a victim of circumstances and it takes longer than you would like to wake up and in fact, I see some people NEVER wake up and continue to tell their sad story of how everything was against them.

I know this is not the most positive of posts…

Except for the right people, it is.

For the right person who dares to face it, destroy it – THEY WILL WIN!

Do you not understand yet that you are a winning machine?

Destined to have dominion on this planet?

Do you not see that you are connected to a constant, instant, unlimited Divine supply?

Do you not see that you are NEVER alone?

the fear cloaks you, makes you feel deserted but it is not true

Wake up

Realise it is all an illusion

And get to work doing something daring, something exciting, something you feel led to do…

And stop reacting, responding to fear.

As I said, face it, destroy it and KNOW THIS…


Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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